Thursday, October 25, 2012

Harvest Time Interrupted

The last few days I've been attempting to get the rest of the things in the garden in before we  have another batch of nighttime temps in the thirties. I still have onions, cabbages and sweet potatoes to harvest so that's been the goal of the last few days.

But with my silly luck I'm not getting much done. I have dug out a bushel of sweet potatoes but there are many more to dig. I'm set up to make and can sauerkraut in my kitchen but haven't harvested the cabbages get.


Every time I step out into the yard for more than a few moments I get interrupted by neighbors upset about the lack of forward motion of our HOA treasurer, someone I have absolutely zero control over. I like her no more than any of the neighbors but sitting on the board I have to attempt to get along with her.

I'd be almost shoulder deep in the friable dirt of my garden groping blindly for sweet potatoes when someone would drift up, complain they couldn't reserve the clubhouse and expect me to do something. I'd stop poking through the dirt for potatoes, strip off my gloves with a sigh, and take that person inside to look at the master calender before firing off an email to the treasurer.

I think tomorrow I'm going to sneak outside at dawn to harvest the last of everything. Hopefully the neighbors will all be asleep and I can get the rest of the garden in. I hate being on the HOA board.

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