Sunday, November 18, 2012

Feeling Cranky!

Have you ever seen that Snickers commercial where the person is so bent out of shape they are some celebrity that has a reputation for bad behavior? That was me today. Particularly this Diva version -

It's been a cranky week. I've had a cold that won't go. My old church changed it's name because they said someone had been trashing their name online. They even told a couple of my friends it was me doing it, which is such a lie. I never mention their real name because I don't want to fight with them. Googling the name brings up nothing negative at all so they're just lying again. Jim worked from home a day throwing off my schedule. I'm stuck on my nanowrimo novel but hey, at least I didn't cheat by loading 20 thousand words a day into my nano dashboard like someone I know. I'm working on a project that's taking a lot of planning and there's a quilt project I'm doing for someone that isn't going as well as I'd like. Hostess going out of business and depriving me of the odd Snoball didn't sit well with me, particularly after reading about the mess that Hostess execs made of the company while cutting wages for the poor working stiffs. Made the bakers take cuts while paying the company execs making the bad decisions millions.

Today didn't help my mood much. The cold is still here and my brain isn't functioning well as a result. Today I got up and updated NLQ with something Sierra had written about the paradox of Christian love, which got me to thinking about love and the church on a week when my brain hurt too much to feel anything.

At noon today was our annual Thanksgiving dinner at the mainstream denomination I've been a member of for the last five years. Our church is huge, the largest in town, with four different services, the Saturday night service that I attend occasionally and help out with the worship sometimes, two traditional services in the old style and our contemporary service that I'm involved with the worship, planning and other things.

Previous years Thanksgiving dinner was a good solid mix from all the services. Today it was not, no one but myself and my family showed up for the dinner. Very few members from any service except the eleven o'clockers I call them. Lots of staid upper middle class folks that seemed pretty classless to me today.

I'd stayed behind after our service to attend a planning meeting for our contemporary service. The meeting was far shorter than I'd anticipated so we were done quickly. I wandered downstairs to wait for Jim and Andy so we could dine together. Was joking around with the people serving the meal because it was a good mix of friends and people from the contemporary service. They were joking about how the hardest part was going to be restraining the eleven o'clockers from diving into the food before the prayer dedication.

The last service ended, the eleven o'clockers filled the room and the announcement was made that we were to wait for our pastor to bless the food and then people could go fill their plates.

The eleven o'clockers ignored the announcement, started galloping over to the place we usually line up at. I saw and experienced Good Christians elbow and practically step on each other to get in line. No one payed any attention to the request we not get food till the prayer. They were filling plates, stomping through the line and gobbling long before the pastor got there. I saw so much bad behavior in five minutes I was pretty disgusted. Heard a lot of ridiculous hypocrisy spilling out of the mouths of some in the line too. Lots of very insincere sounding "I'm so thankful for youuuuu!" and silly air kisses.

Back when I attended my last church I got to freaking hate pot luck dinners because the penny pinching Quiverfulls and Fundamentalists would always bring something like white flour macaroni with a few veggies chopped up in it and call it a side dish. I always worked those pot lucks and there was almost never any meat or meat based dish at them, just a sea of beans or white flour products. I used to get frustrated with it until we insisted the church provide the main dish, like grilled burgers or hotdogs.

Everyone was supposed to bring a side dish for today and the church would provide turkey, gravy and dressing. I brought mine, but I couldn't help noticing that the ratio of families to food was seriously skewed. Everything but turkey, dressing and gravy was quickly gone.

I waited to get my plate because I was still waiting for Andy and Jim. By the time they showed up there wasn't any place to sit so I found a table in the very next room with no one sitting at it, put my sweater on a chair for Andy and my purse on a chair for Jim. Left my plate in place and went to get coffee, came back to find a family had moved all my stuff so they could sit there.

As I finished up one of our associate pastors I'm friends with asked me why I looked so stern and I told her why, that the eleven o'clockers were rude and greedy with very bad manners. She laughed and told me I wasn't saying anything she didn't know, that I ought to try dealing with them on a daily basis like she did.

I fear for the picture these people show the world about what Jesus and God represent. I'm not saying I am perfect, far from it, but I at least have manners. How do you leave the sermon and immediately start acting like a jackhole?

I don't get it

Visited Wal Mart after church. I must be insane as it's a microcosm of frustrations. It's days like today that make me wish I lived on a dessert, er... desert island.

I do have to say I am grateful for my local trash collectors. They know my back is not good and if I miss putting my can at the curb they come up to the house and take it from it's nook next to the garage. Good guys!

Plus when I went out to do my weekly recycling at the community recycle center on Thursday near noon I found out it was National Recycling Day. The workers had fixed hot dogs and all sorts of lunch goodies. They fed me lunch and gave me a t-shirt and a tote bag! They didn't have to do that, I was surprised and touched.

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Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, from a reader who really appreciates your writing here and at NLQ! I hope your mood rises to the occasion. It's a 50/50 chance that mine will.