Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post Thanksgiving & Assumptions

We had Thanksgiving this year at my eldest daughter's house and I'm grateful there was no drama, no passive-aggressive snipes taken at anyone. But I think everyone to too tired and worn out to create any drama.

Which is good. I associate family gatherings with drama ever since I was a small child. Adults would consume lots of adult fermented beverages and then old wounds would be picked apart. If the holiday didn't end with someone stomping away yelling it wasn't a holiday.

I try to keep my house a haven of calm and quiet because of tension, fighting and drinking in my family of origin.

But that's not always because I'm calm or reasonable. About a week before Thanksgiving I got a note from someone I knew at my old crazy church telling me she'd been praying for me and my falling away from the Lord. She wanted permission to have her mother give me words of prophesy direct from the Lord concerning my life so I could get back on the straight and narrow. I wasn't calm and reasonable after receiving that missive.

I was inwardly verklemping about her email for the better part of the week. How dare she assume I'm an atheist just because I no longer go to church at Dysfunction Junction Central?

Prophetic words? Oh please! I have had piles of those through the years and most of them are so far off script there is just no way they are words from God, Satan or any other deity, just a bunch of made up gobblety-gook. No way will I ever believe another random person that claims to have words of knowledge from God for me. If I need validation for who I am in God I'll read the New Testament or pray myself for guidance. No more filtering everything through a third party.

I was itching to reply back to this young lady and ask her who was going around saying I was an atheist, who was her source of information because it was flawed. If she was so damn curious about my religious beliefs then why didn't she contact me at any point in the last six years since I left and ASK me. She says she is concerned and loves me. Then why nothing for six years now? Some love of Jesus, some real concern huh?

Pretty sad considering we used to be friends. In fact, I'd spent just about every Thanksgiving and Christmas when I was in town with this young lady and her mother at different dinners and social functions. 

Instead I'm ignoring her email. There's nothing I can say that would change her mind about who I am and there's nothing she could say that I likely wouldn't react badly to. It's a true Mexican standoff.

I am sick to death of the so-called friendship and sisterhood of various people I knew in my old world that put me down as persona non-grata the second I switched churches. It was a shock to discover how fragile and weak the bonds of sisterhood actually were.

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