Sunday, December 02, 2012

Christmas Improvisations

Put up the outside Christmas lights this afternoon. Which was something of a challenge.

Back in the fall Jim took down the huge ligustrum bushes that had completely engulfed the front flower beds no matter how often he or I trimmed them. Jim had only meant to trim them but ended up cutting them level with the ground. I don't know if they'll try to come back or not in the spring but I've already planted one bed with all spring bulbs and have enough Mexican zinnia seeds to plant in both beds from our zinnias this year.

There was just one or two problems with cutting down those bushes. Every single year since we moved in I would cover those bushes with oodles of strings of colored lights for Christmas. Jim used to tease me that when I wired up the bushes and plugged it in the axillary breakers at the nearby nuclear power plant must have switched on, just like when Clark W. Griswold turned on his lights in 'Christmas Vacation'.

It's not quite like this at our house but Jim acts as though it is when they all get plugged in!

It's more like this picture I took in the dead of night after a record snowfall in early December three years ago.

I love this shot of my house at midnight during a very heavy snowfall.

That strange glow was coming from my bushes in front of my neat little Cape Cod house during a heavy snowfall that was over a foot at that point. So much snow had fallen that the lights on the left hand bushes were almost completely covered. The lights on the right survived unscathed due to the tree.

But I did finally figure out a way to use our outdoor lights without bushes. Got out all the tomato cages I could rustle up from the garden, turned them upside down and wrapped them with lights. Not as impressive as our six foot tall electrified bushes but still cute.

It was a bummer to discover that fully three quarters of the lights we had were dead. It worked out that I had exactly enough of different lights to do up the tomato cages as trees.

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