Monday, December 03, 2012


I started early today with the best of intentions to get a pile of things done but my day refused to cooperate, taking a hard left turn into chaos. Everything that could go wrong or slow me down did. Finally I just gave up and did laundry all day. When in doubt, iron those jeans out.

Patheos was busy switching NLQ over onto a new server or some other upgrade and I was completely unable to get in and update until mid afternoon, which threw my day all out of wack. So I worked on a new project I'm going to be unveiling soon involving the attire of Muslim women and how they are perceived and treated in the good old US of A. Started the laundry between coding bouts.

But the day didn't devolve into suckage until I went for my Xolair injections to my pulmo. The office was jammed crammed pack with the wheezing & sneezing. I have had a cold followed by a sinus infection while my allergies went into high gear for weeks upon weeks now. I should buy stock in Kleenex because I run through so many tissues to blow my drippy nose that I probably affect their bottom line.

Complained to my doc about my constant allergies now and he switched my meds around. Switched out some of the simpler allergy meds I'd been using in conjunction with the other prescriptions for a leukotrinine suppressor. So I'm on a leukotrinine suppressor, a Mast cell suppressor, a IgE suppressor, a proton pump suppressor. I'm feeling pretty suppressed at this moment.

By the time I waited at the doctors, dropped off my prescription, picked up my prescription, picked up a gallon of milk, went to the cable company and came home over three hours had passed and all passed in our tiny little town you can traverse the length of in ten minutes. Late afternoon, entire day shot with the exception of all the nice clean laundry.

But the warning labels on the new drug I'm taking worried me and I started having second thoughts about switching meds regimen. It's never reassuring when you read that seizures, sleep walking, sleep sex, sleep eating, aggression and hostility can all be side effects of the new med. I finally screwed up my courage, swallowed the first pill with one eye on the long warnings list. Only side effects so far are is that once it kicked in I got horribly nauseated and could not stop shaking but finally even those abated. I hate that the FDA uses most of us as unpaid guinea pigs on these drugs they push through approval so quickly.

Sometimes I wish I was still a stoner and wonder if smoking pot might ease my allergies. This new drug isn't working as well as I hoped it might. Nose still dripping like a faucet but I still feel a bit queasy.

Wish I still believed that God would heal all your ills if you just believed enough and got the right people to lay on hands and pray for you. Might be easier than being a walking science experiment.

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