Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Years Resolutions

So much to tell, so much has happened. But today is not that day.

But I am amused watching people in my life struggle with their New Year Resolutions already. Jim made some harsh ones, only educational television instead of UFC and no more Fantasy Football. I think he's gone too far and I feel bad for him. I know it's because he was beaten in the finals in our church fantasy football league and he took it poorly. I'm not sure why he's decided not to watch any more UFC. He did watch it about as often as I was Law & Order: SVU, which is a lot. But I try to iron or fold clothes during my L&O watching so I'm not sitting there gawping slack-jawed at the television screen.

My resolutions are to try to be kinder, to be conscience in the moment, to be my old adventurous self instead of the little old lady I've gradually morphed into. No fear in the coming year.

Finally I did start up my burqa project I'd been thinking on for ages. I had to overcome a  lot of fear to do it, my curiosity overcame the fear finally. I've had several interesting experiences this week starting up The Burqa Experiment. So far I've gotten up a page explaining who I am and why I'm doing this. I hope it properly conveys I'm doing this with a spirit of reverence and honor and seeking to understand.

Now off to make keys for my new car and get it registered with DMV! Be blessed today!

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