Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Christmas Trip Part 1

I have to say I was completely wrong about a lot of things, assumptions and fears I had about our trip to see Jim's mom and brother. Here's a short version of our trip.

Dec. 20th We spent traveling, getting up before dawn to take the commuter train into DC. I sat in Jim's cubicle and watched him work for a few hours before we took the train up to the Baltimore-Washington Airport and flying to San Antonio, changing planes in Atlanta. The flights were extra bumpy because of the winds but we got there in one piece.

Dec. 21st through Dec. 26th - We ended up staying at a suite in the retirement community Jim's mother lives in and I have to say IT WAS SWEEEEEEEEEEET! Five days in a fully furnished suite that was every bit as nice as some five star resorts I've stayed at. We were in the Independent Living building and Maw-in-Law lives in the Assisted Living building. There's also a town house section and a detached garden homes section as well as a locked Alzheimer ward and hospital-like building for those needing more medical care than Assisted Living.

We spent the days eating breakfast with the Maw-in-law and sometimes lunch before heading out with Bro-in-Law and Mrs. Bro-in-law. Turns out I'd completely misjudged the situation, the emails and phone conversations that Jim had repeated to me that made me think that Bro-in-law was up to something could not have been less true. Bro-in-law is extremely happy with the new wife, we couldn't stay with them because houses 1 and 2 are staged and on the market for sale. The third house is a small carriage house, really an apartment, over the garage they built on some country property out of town. It only has one bedroom.

More later....

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