Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Walking Dead

Found out last night when Jim came home that the friend of ours named Don that had passed on was a different one than I thought. When Jim called home he told me the wrong last name! But that matters not because the Don that died was also a good friend of ours, much closer to Jim than the other Don.

Last night at the church the mens group had a special meeting to talk about Don and plan for what the mens ministry might do for the funeral and the family. Jim came home very late because everyone was simply so stunned that the meeting and remembrances took quite a while.

I didn't mind because now I've managed to pick up the annoying cold Jim has had for several weeks and it's morphing into something more, like bronchitis with a dose of sinus infection for shits and giggles. So last night while I waited I lay on the sofa watching the odd Lifetime movie, something simple and non-thought provoking.

Today I am just out of it. I did what I really needed to do in the morning and by the time afternoon came I was ready for a nap. Of course Laura, my darling baby daughter, showed up from her university with Andy in tow and wanted to go out shopping. I needed to run out to the hospital to pick up a pair of earrings for my sister in law since she kept wanting my pair followed by running into Target to look at sheets. Started feeling very dizzy and like I might throw up in Target so we didn't stay long. I got home just in time to get crackers and ginger ale in to derail the barfing.

The tale Laura told on Andy didn't help my stomach. Andy has signed up for a student loan to take his last 2 classes he needs to graduate from George Mason and had a meeting with his adviser. Turns out he overslept and missed the meeting plus got so drunk at her boyfriends house that he puked everywhere, including on the boyfriend's parents new sofa. Laura is disgusted with Andy and told him he had to get his shit together or he'd be living with mom and dad forever.

Knitter please! I love him to death but that's not happening. If he doesn't make some forward motion on his own soon we're going to make him get a full time job and pay us rent for his room.

I'm disappointed in him and cannot understand why he doesn't seem to want to do anything but beer bongs and internet, but there he is. I dread Jim coming home tonight and what he's going to say to Andy. He spent the entire day Saturday nagging Andy like he was a shrewish fishwife. My head cannot take it since I feel like I'm walking half dead at least.

Going back to bed. This is too much for me to deal with today.

Glad we only had to visit the hospital gift shop because there was a electronic sign on the hallway that leads to the ER proclaiming that the wait time due to the large number of incoming flu cases was over 4 hours for all but the most pressing emergencies and that all beds were full, if you needed to be admitted you would have to be transferred to another hospital. This was around one pm, not a time when the ER is usually very busy. The flu has filled up just about all the hospitals in the Greater DC area. I'll take bronchitis any day over the flu.

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