Friday, July 19, 2013

Drop This Heat Like It's Hot!

I've been looking back at some glorious photos of a blizzard we had one beautiful December around 30 months ago....

Kiki following me around on a midnight stroll during the blizzard

Snow falling silently at midnight

Still snowing the next morning

I could use a big dash of that this week. We've had temps in the high 90s with heat indexes up to 108. I have been hot, hotter than hot flash hot, hot enough to contemplate inventing underwear the approximate coverage of those magical Mormon underwear but made of a thin cooling system that would be solar powered. I bet I could sell a ton of undies like that... if they actually existed. 

Because I was hella stupid on Monday I spent most of this insane hot week inside, hunkered down next to the ac vents on the love seat, pounding down Gatoraid and reading. It feels like August here already and while I know it's almost August it feels like the dog days of summer.
Those three morning hours on Monday in the garden left me dizzy and sick to my stomach even if I was pounding down water like it was about to be banned. It wasn't enough, it took two days inside living on Gatoraid and ginger ale to feel something close to normal again.

The funny thing is I know I'll be craving the crazy heat of the summer once snow comes around again.

Spent today with my lung doctor. After getting my bi monthly treatments he started showing me his new federally mandated electronic medical records, knowing I'd transferred the entire three file rooms filled with medical files into electronic charts at the clinic I used to work at. I ended up staying and helping his lone office assistant and him with the new software since I know many different types of medical office software.

I don't mind helping him out. My doc has helped me out so many times, including not charging me a co pay since I'm a regular twice a month patient. I'd do just about anything legal for him. It was actually fun because we were gossiping about all the doctors we both knew!

After I finished up he told me I should set up and work as an electronic medical records consultant, he'd recommend me. 

So now I'm thinking that might not be a bad idea. Many of the area doctors know me from work or church and there are a lot of small one or two doctor practices that may be struggling like my doctor will becoming compliant with the Obamacare regs for switching to the EMR. If I did it I could decide how much I was working and go from there. It may be a stupid or a genius idea. I will have to give it some thought.

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