Saturday, July 13, 2013

Razing Ruth and Free Jinger

It's been an interesting kind of last few days. Most of today was spent at one of my grand daughter's birthday parties at a nearby water park. Cake, squealing little girls and ladies showing off the finest in thigh cellulite. I didn't don a swim suit. While I may have lost almost four pants sizes since January 1st I wasn't near ready to scare the world with the sight of my quaking cellulite thighs.

The birthday was a good respite from the most idiotic drama taking place online that everyone keeps emailing me about.

Yes folks, I am aware that the gals of Free Jinger have been talking about how they outed Ruth of Razing Ruth as a lying liar and scammer.

Yes, people have requested we remove Ruth from the lists of writers at No Longer Quivering.

Removing Razing Ruth's writings from NLQ

Here's the deal. We're not taking down Ruth's writings. For a couple of good reasons.

1. I haven't seen any compelling evidence either way to indicate Ruth is or isn't who she says she is. Vyckie has talked to Ruth on the phone more than once and is satisfied Ruth is who she says she is. We're not going to 'dig' as we both have better things to do.
2. Ruth's series was a good one that others were helped by so it really doesn't matter who Ruth really is. Not my business and it really shouldn't be anyone elses.

I got one email with links to all the supposedly evidence against Ruth posted at Free Jinger from someone claiming to be involved in the administration of Free Jinger but wouldn't give a name. When I started reading through the threads they were only unlocked for a short time and locked up again before I saw anything that could really be construed as true evidence of a fake identity or sock puppet. Now I wonder if that person that emailed the links was merely fishing for my IP addy or Vyckie's in some attempt to prove or disprove one of us was Ruth.

Addressing the rumors

No, Vyckie is not Razing Ruth regardless of what fetid fantasy world some of the Free Jinger people live in.
No, Vyckie is not someone else or a sock puppet connected to Razing Ruth.
No, Vyckie did not give out Razing Ruth's real name, address or contact information. Nor is she a backstabber, child-abuser or drama queen.
No, Vyckie did not ask Princess Jo to start a thread at FJ asking if Ruth was fake.

I was around at that time and remember full well when this crap about Ruth started the first time.

We at NLQ refuse to be drug into this silly self-made drama that does not concern us.

I do have a short message for the ladies at Free Jinger


Serious here now. Do any of the people at Free Jinger has real life interests beyond running people down and inventing drama?  Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people.


Edited to add this from Vyckie. Just got off the phone with her from discussing this bullshit. She asked me to post her comments on the whole silly Razing Ruth and Free Jinger fiasco.

 We've received an email from "Curious" - the owner of Free Jinger - informing Calulu and me that FJ admin is fairly sure that Razing Ruth is fake. They think we should remove her story from NLQ.

I honestly don't really have time to read through the E
NDLESS threads and links which purportedly prove Ruth is a scammer.

Plus - FJ is a PIT of malicious bullies with no lives other than to obsess over QFers and former QFers - harassing fundies is a form of entertainment for them. I've had dealings with FJ in the past which resulted in them influencing my daughter to disown me.  This occurred several years ago and we have since reconciled, no thanks to the snarkers who somehow thought our personal family difficulties were their business.

Still, the drama from that episode with FJ nearly caused me to take down NLQ - I did remove "Vyckie's Story" from the Internet, and turned over most NLQ responsibilities to Calulu, we shut down what had been a thriving forum - all to shield ourselves and our fellow spiritual abuse survivors from FJians' stalker-like obsession with prying into the private family lives of those of us who dare share a part of our stories because we care about exposing dangerous doctrines.

Anyway -my computer isn't working, and I'm getting ready for another trip to the Children's hospital in Minneapolis - and I really have no desire to get involved with this latest RR drama. I have spoken with Ruth a couple times on the phone as well as interacted with her via chat and email, and I was satisfied as to her legitimacy. I don't believe she's fake. I haven't, and probably won't, looked at the latest "evidence."

I truthfully hate the FJ forum, and I'm sure they feel the same way about me. FJ can kiss my ass. We're not taking down Ruth's story at NLQ.
Vyckie's daughter has moved on and should be left alone. It's stressful on the family and hurtful when strangers try to get between a mother and daughter. This is going to be the last time either of us mention or address Free Jinger. For us this ends here tonight and there will be no carry over to the NLQ allowed.

She has one final message to the Free Jinger people stirring the pot  -
 "Snark and speculate all you want. Fuck You!"

eta: Since I've discovered that Ruth is a big old fake I only keep this photo up to tell one curious cowardly bitch my opinion of her. Not taking this photo down because it is dedicated now to that one nastygram person, but not everyone else. I keep hearing from others how she's mentioned that she's going 'out' me. How can you 'out' someone that doesn't bother to hide anything? It's all too silly.

We're removed all of Razing Ruth. Vyckie and I are not in agreement over Ruth. She believes that Ruth was real, however I do not. But we both agreed that because of the possibility it might be true that it's better to remove Ruth's writings from NLQ. If I've missed a page please let me know since yesterday (9-30-14) I discovered that there was a page list of writers I'd never seen before that did have mention of Ruth. I'm not a genius, hell, I'm not on the ball most of the time, so it was an honest oversight. But believe whatever you like, no skin off my keister.

eta 10-1-2014 - Combing through the pages and posts at NLQ running every search combination I could think of for Ruth and it looks like mere days after I put Razing Ruth's author page into unpublished status and then into the trash that Chris must have complained to Patheos. One of the Patheos editors reactivated her author page. Sent them an email asking why they did this and explaining that Ruth/Chris must be completely expunged from NLQ. At this point everything with Ruth's name on it, all her writings and all her pages are purged from NLQs end of the system.