Sunday, August 18, 2013


Saturday morning I was lucky, Jim didn't try to wake me up as he got ready to go to the church mens group prayer breakfast. I was able to rest and recuperate after Thursdays very bad asthma attack and Friday's half-assed one, all due to accidental peanut-ingestion.

People, people, people who work at restaurants, when your customers ask you about ingredients they usually are not being picky snotty bitches, it's usually due to some severe allergy. Please know really what's in your food.

After Jim left my bff Joannie called and we sailed forth going to the thrift stores followed by Chinese food. But before she arrived I had a time of wonder following and photographing the butterflies in my front flower beds. I was able to get so close and stand still, watching the graceful aerial ballet by the visitors to the zinnia bed. Beautiful!

Today was raining most of the day, church and Jim was gone most of the afternoon at his mens group league fantasy football draft. I took a nap but kept waking up from disturbing dreams of trying to hang laundry on a clothesline while a winter noreaster was blasting my clothesline and the deck, turning the clothes into sideways frozen flags.

I'm just grateful I didn't dream again about making out with Gary Busey. Every time I dream that I wake up screaming and have to go immediate brush my teeth and sterilize my mouth I'm so grossed out by it.

Tomorrow is going to be insane, I have a physical for the new job and I have to go up to my eldest daughter's house well north of here. Tuesday I'm starting the new job. Going to be a busy week.

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