Friday, August 09, 2013


Last couple of weeks I've been busy getting estimates to have the house reroofed plus to build a sunroom and a screened in porch on the back. But I might have to put off a bit longer because Jim came to me on Friday and asked me to look at his teeth because something felt 'weird'

Lo and behold he cranked open his thin lips and grinned, nearly blinding me with the pearly whites. My eyes fell on one of his front four teeth and I jumped back a foot before informing him he now looks like a runaway from the hills of West Virginia. The tooth was split straight down the front, colored a cafe au lait color in the jagged bits.

So now the money we'd budgeted for the roof and porch is going to be significantly reduced by his getting an implant. His tooth snapped off almost at the root over the next few days so it's going to be expensive and no fun to remedy his dental problems.

The one 'fix' I was able to do this week was to go to a decent hairdresser to get the mess that the local beauty college student made of it. Six weeks ago I'd asked for my shoulder length bob to be trimmed and cleaned up. I emerged with chin length hair with many uneven layers. It was impossible to style. I didn't go back and pick a fit at the beauty college because they make you sign a waver indicating that they cannot be responsible if something goes wrong.

Now I'm sporting a just above chin length very 1920s Gadsby-esque bob and I love it. A good haircut can make all the difference.

Looking forward to the weekend with my baby. No plans, just a lot of rest, reading and relaxation with perhaps some naughty fun mixed in.

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