Friday, August 09, 2013

Money is NOT the Root of All Blogging Part 2

One good thing has come out of the recent unpleasantness online. I got to see exactly what the critics of NLQ are saying and give it much thought.

But there are some misconceptions I would like to address and explain how NLQ works.

1. No one is making a ton of money from NLQ. I see the hit numbers and get paid to update the site. It's not that much considering the hours involved. Site owner isn't getting a penny.

2. The reason NLQ went from being only two original authors to many authors via the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Networks has to do with the fact that there are many people willing to share their stories of Religious Trauma Syndrome and recovery and it takes the pressure off the original two authors.

3. Why don't we run every chapter of a story at once or immediately sequential is that I try to keep the content varied so that there is something for everyone and some authors take their time between submitting new chapters.

How I chose Quoting Quiverfull daily: I read through links people send me or through a list of Quiverfull blogs I read daily. If something jumps out at me so that I nearly drop my coffee cup it's going on QQ.

How I chose the daily articles is I run what is sent to me or what I see on our SASBN authors list. I don't edit the stories for content, only for spelling. Everyone's voice is their own voice, I'm not going to monkey with someone's true voice.

Why don't the two site founders post much? One is remarried and busy with her new family and the other is busy speaking at conferences and with her children.

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