Thursday, August 08, 2013

Money Is NOT The Root of All Blogging

One of the attitudes about bloggers and blogging that irritates me the most is this notion that everyone that has a popular blog must be raking in the money faster than Charlie Sheen acquires new STDs.

That's just not so.

Even the bigger blogs that are pulling in some money are only usually pulling in enough to cover their bandwidth bill.

Big commercial blogs, such as or say,, with content written by others are pretty much the exception. Unless you happen to come up with something that fascinates millions such as drawing penises on celebs (I'm looking at you Perez Hilton!) or some of the news aggregates like

The rest? The bloggers are lucky if they cover that bandwidth bill and get enough Amazon credits to keep downloading something like "50 Shades of Grey" or "Twilight" every month or so.

Now there are those that engage in what I've always called "Welfare blogging". There was a famous internut troll who called herself 'Welch Wop' and 'Liz Bateman' that thrived on begging for money via her blog and the Use.Net groups that I was familiar with. Plus, a few much more prominent bloggers that pretended to cancer or other scary diseases as a way to fund their lifestyle.

But eventually the fakers get caught, law enforcement has even been involved more than a few times. So I don't worry about it. Fakes fake and get caught.

So why blog? I have blogged going all the way back to 1999 on different blogging platforms because I love to write. I may not be the best at it but it's been a mostly therapeutic experience for me, some place to put my thoughts in a safe way. I live visible in a small town and it would not behoove me to say something of the things I think.

Sometimes it's a place to record exactly where I am. At one point I erased three years of blogging because it was obvious going back and rereading those years that I was suffering from a major depression. Too many dark thoughts and places I never want to remember.

Many times for me I record the weird things that happen, like the time the kid threw up on my shoes in Wal Mart or last fall when some rather fluffy lady ran over my foot with a electric scooter and I fell into a display of lightbulbs. Sometimes life is a very bizarre thing!

Add in the times when wonderful things happen, like my son finally finishing up his degree or some of the trips I've taken. Memories I want to keep.

But money? Bah! I wish

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