Friday, August 30, 2013

Twerking, Working and the Dumb Girl

So this week at work it was overtime, stress and digging into what needs to be done to comply with a large upcoming audit. I spent the week elbow deep in piles of confidential paperwork on the patients for the residential treatment center. I worked with the two ladies that had been hired with me and that was cool. I got to listen to their life stories as we deconstructed records, culled and organized before moving everything into new plastic binders ordered in such a way as to pass the audit.

It was alright, the work is repetitive and intense. You have to literally read each and every document to determine where it goes in that patient's master file. Unfortunately your eyes tend to fall on phrases like 'kept in dog crate and fed dry dog food' or 'birth mother was addicted to heroin, crack cocaine and alcohol' or the ever popular 'fetal alcohol syndrome'. The stuff the mast files contain will break your heart.

I've come to realize that one of the biggest factors in all these poor abused kids lives were parents that were more concerned with getting high than taking care of another vulnerable human being. Makes me mad, makes me furious! Feel like I could gladly take a few of these neglectful abusive parents down to Sherwin Williams and stick their heads into the paint shaker and flip it on high. I know I'm going to be glaring at these selfish assholes if I'm ever down in reception on visiting day.

But the real fly in the ointment of work is that they broke in what has to be the world's stupidest girl. She's 28 and continually yammers on all sorts of inane drivel all day long. She makes Lisa Kudrow's character in "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" look like a PhD in Quantum Physics or something. Seriously dumb.

Example: I'd asked a supervisor about signing the file logs and her interjections were so silly I wanted to visit harm to her.

Me: Hey T....., are we supposed to put our John Hancock on these file creation log sheets after finishing the pre-audit paper work?

Miss Dummy: What! Oh. My. God! I cannot believe you're talking about a stupid movie to a supervisor! That is SO retarded!

I think she was talking about that dreary film "Hancock"

Me (with a deep sigh): John Hancock was an original signer on the Declaration of Independence and when people talk about placing their signature on something they sometimes refer to it as a 'John Hancock'. It has nothing to do with the movie Hancock

Dummy: That is SO stupid! I've never heard that anywhere before. You just made that up.

Imagine this all day long every single day and you cannot get away from it. Got the picture yet?

Late afternoon on the first or second day she started playing what she called 'Gangsta Rap' aloud from her cell phone, got up and started trying to twerk. That's right, twerking at work and listening loudly to songs with words like 'ho' 'bitch' and 'motherfucker' in them. It made for a joyous time, not.

The bad thing is that she has managed to get the other two workers to join in with this playing around and nonsense all day long. The three of them are barely working every time we're left unsupervised. Part of me wants to oink to HR but the other part says shut up and keep working at about ten times her speed and let management look at the file log. They'll figure out who's working and who's playing. I just never want to see that jello ass wiggling around in the records office ever again when I'm there.

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Margo Berkoff said...

Oh Mah Gawd!!! So dumb, so very, VERY dumb! Roll your eyes at her and tell her to Google it or look it up on Wikipedia. How did she even graduate high school? (did she?)