Monday, August 26, 2013

What? For Free?

Last night as I was scrambling about at around 11 pm making sure I had my work dress shoes polished and outfit pressed before bedtime I got an SOS call. One of the folks from my old church was calling late at night, not to hurl verbal stones at me for leaving that church, but trying to weasel some free advice out of me.

Back at the old church I would work on folks computers for free. They'd pay for the parts and I'd do the work for free. Unfortunately not everyone paid me for those parts. I'm still about seventy bucks out of pocket. But I did it just to be nice...

....and because most of my old church sisters would whine, cry and manipulate a freebie or big discount out of any business person they could. Vyckie and I talked about this phenomenon in hard core fundyville, asking and begging for free or cheap, expecting a break all the time because you were favored of God.

....and that's what last night was. Someone wanting me to tell them how to set up, work and set the keywords for the SEO on their business website. They were expecting me to do this, in the middle of the night, for free.

I said no and I hung up. I was proud of myself for not allowing someone that had entitlement issues to take advantage of my kindness and help. I've made progress.

I did tell this person that I would help them if they paid my hourly fees for computer help. That went over about as well as a nude organist would during traditional worship service.

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