Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday the Stupid

It's been a hell of a day, or few days. Figures that yesterday was the 13th. I probably need to check the moon phases too. Too much all around strangeness.

My horrid day actually has its roots in Wednesday when I misplaced my cell phone and turned the house upside down the next day looking for it. Jim was traveling on Thursday and I knew he'd give me grief over losing my phone once again. I swear, I think deep in my soul I must be a craven Luddite because that whole cell phone is more of a bete noire than a convenience. I don't want to talk to anyone that badly.

I was freaking out over the phone Thursday, not even thinking about the fact that we were having bad weather, lightning strikes every which a way. The weather even impacted leaving work, getting down off the mountain that houses the treatment facility. I was warned to keep the change of clothes and toiletries in the trunk because there have been times when the staff has been stuck by snow or storms, downed trees and power lines across the gravel back roads.

The weather Thursday made Jim's one pm flight out of DC not happen till after 6 pm, meaning he missed his connecting flight to San Antonio, making him very late arriving for his mother's 90th birthday visit. There were ugly text messages sent from his brother to Jim complaining that he wasn't a taxi service so Jim could call his own taxi. Oh yes, sibling nastiness going back almost 60 years now. Aren't family just so so so wonderful? Snerk.

A whole lotta stress leading to me having a panic attack Thursday evening. So after time spent listening to music before just giving up and going to bed I thought I'd start again this morning and all things would be new.

But Friday started with a very odd incident. I was running late that morning, too late to cook and sit down to breakfast so I stopped by the 7-11 between the house and work. I ran to grab more coffee and when I got to the counter I asked for a Breakfast Bite.

For all you gourmands out there who'd never sampled the greasy not so deliciousness that is a Breakfast Bite I will explain. It's a sausage, a breakfast sausage rolled into the shape of a hot dog and run on the greasy rotating metal poles of the 7-11 grill. You order one, they pluck it off the hot dog grill, shove it in a standard hotdog bun. You can dress it up with onions or pickles and other condiments from their hotdog condiment stand or you can eat it with nothing on it.

I noticed that the lady working the register was someone I'd not seen before. Asked for my breakfast and she turned towards the hotdog rolling griller, reached in with her bare hand and plucked one out. She doesn't put it in a bun, she doesn't wrap it, she comes up to the counter with this sausage in her bare hand and tries to hand it to me.

My jaw is dropped and I cannot believe what I'm seeing. I look at her, I look at the sausage in her hand and back at her face, back at the sausage before asking in a puzzled tone if I could have it in a bun. She tells me 'Why didn't you ask for a bun? I ain't a mind reader' and rolling her eyes. Seriously? She tried to fob off a sausage from her bare hand to mine? I can see the labor pool is getting stupider.

Work was uneventful with the exception that they shut down the offices at 2 pm so everyone could attend the employee appreciation picnic. I was pissed because I had to go forgo the picnic, barbequed chicken and adult-sized bouncy castle for getting my xolair shots.

That was bad enough, but when I got to my pulmo's office he's running way behind so I was sitting there stewing. Another patient was waiting, an elderly lady in a wheel chair and she started asking me all sorts of weird questions, starting with "When's your baby due?"

Aw hell naw! Been dieting like mad all year and somebody starts questioning me about my supposed pregnancy over and over and over again? I wanted to smack her in the head so damn hard. She wouldn't shut up. My very graying hair should have told her I wasn't popping out any kids. I kept telling her I wasn't pregnant but she kept yapping.

After the doctors office and my shots I came home just in time to be told that the HOA president had called a board meeting in a few hours. I explained to him that I had just had my shots and usually I had wretched side effects the evening after the shots and I usually ventured no further than the sofa.

So I went to the meeting, which was all about adopting new paperwork and rules, bleech! One of the board members that I know pretty well kept harping about how when she'd walked around the neighborhood to drop off news letters she could 'smell' from the yard how dirty many of the houses are inside and we should make rules about that. She also was offended because one house had cucumbers and melons plus other veggies growing in the front flower bed and another had squash mixed in with the zinnias.

The ridiculous thing is that the cukes and melons front flower garden is the HOA Veep and the squash one is mine. We both started laughing at the outrage of this elderly lady that wanted to fine us both! I didn't plant squash in my flowers but somehow a long vine started growing in the middle of the garden.

The meeting got way stupider from there so when my best friend called me I made excuses that I had to go, work related and RAN!

When I got home Jim called to announce we were probably leaving our new church because he was sick of the hypocrites. I told him just to ignore them, but it's official folks, we're going to be spending the fall church hopping.

I think I'm going to stay inside and deep clean the house today. No human face-to-face interaction. I need a freaking break.

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Karen Locke said...

A church without hypocrites? People, even Christians, are human. Jim's going to be looking a long time.