Monday, September 23, 2013

I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore!

I'm on vacay at a beachside locale this week. It's been, um, interesting even if it's only 24 hours now.

Last week work was insane, even more so because the silly little gal make a gazillion silly mistakes at work, mistakes that would have had her fired at any other place than the kids treatment facility we both work at.

So what did she do? She was supposed to go into the boss's office, shred everything in several boxes and the contents of six binders sitting out in a box on the floor. She shredded those and then shredded everything from the big table in the same office, only two months worth of work on putting together a better records system, new forms, new indices, you name it, months of planning and work, some of which was backed up nowhere. She's put the records dept back about 2 months of work we have to redo. Add in that she was told to do a lot of alphabetical filing, which turns out that she filed by patient first name. We're going to be months undoing her fuck ups.

She got a mere slap in the hand for all this bad action. She doesn't even have to help restore what she screwed up. Someone suggested that she did it deliberately. I don't think so because that would require forethought and planning, both she seems totally incapable of.

If there ever was a good time to go to the beach it's now. By the time I get back next week they will have started digging out from this mess. Plus I've picked up the hideous cold everyone at work as already had. It swept the patient dormitories and then the staff. Now me.

Jim drove us to the beach yesterday but I was so out of it from fighting this cold that I slept while he drove down 95. I slept the day away. Which turned out to be not so great because Jim missed our turn off to the beach because his navigator was snoozing.

The hotel is nice enough but Expedia had it listed as 'beachfront' when it's actually a block from the beach, but hey, it's nice and most important of all, budget friendly.

We got here after a detour through some scary ghetto and after unpacking took a walk on the beach as the sun was going down. The sand sculpting contest they hold every year is just starting and we looked over this year's site and few sculptures started.

Photo is from the contest two years ago.

The drag was that with this cold I'm fighting off I didn't feel like doing anything more than settling into the hotel room and watching "Breaking Bad". Jim wanted to watch some band playing on the beach. We did, at least for a while. It was breathtakingly cold and this place was filled with drunken old timers, people in my own age group, acting like tramps with itchy boils on their butts, dancing, rubbing up together, desperately trying to hook up. I don't know, maybe I'm being too harsh and judgmental, perhaps they were just trying to stay warm in the cold. One gal with zero ass started trying to twerk. It was a sad sight. I decamped after about 20 minutes and walked back alone to the hotel, leaving Jim to watch the mating rituals of the late middle aged. 

Today has shopping, swimming and sunning on the menu even if it's still chilly outside. I'll try not to think about the mess at work and what's waiting for me next week..

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