Friday, September 27, 2013

Mysterious Meat

One of the things that I am not so wild about at work is the fact that they want us to eat the same meals as the kids.

Remember elementary school cafeterias back in the stone ages? When I was a kid, lo these 45 years or so ago, the school cafeteria served decent food. I didn't think so then, thinking that being served made on site fresh rolls and things like green beans and turkey plus dressing wasn't that tasty. But it's a veritable feast compared to what school lunches have devolved into lately.

When Laura and Andy were in elementary school I would sometimes go eat lunch with them. It seemed like it was always pizza and drippy iceberg lettuce salad plus canned peaches. Not that great, not that nutritious. Eventually both of them refused to eat the school lunches and I started sending both with packed lunches.

Today the cafeteria at the facility I work at said that lunch was chicken patties on rolls with salad. They do a great salad but the main dishes are suspect. When I bit into my chicken sandwich it tasted and the texture was the same as a pork chop, right down to the slight gristly bit on the end. Real live mystery meat. I know it's free but what the heck did I eat today?

Maybe I'm just hyper critical of the food because on vacation I was eating things like prime rib and oysters Rockefeller. Mystery meat can't even begin to hold a candle to that cuisine. Sigh, back to reality.

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