Sunday, September 08, 2013

Weekend Bathos

...or how a weekend can go from good to goosity-goob in a few short hours.

I was in great spirits when I left work on Friday afternoon quite early. We'd finally finished getting ready for the big medical records audit so I'll be dropping back down to part time again and I'd just gotten paid. Money in my pocket, kicking down the street, happily contemplating a weekend of goofing off.

 I should have gotten into the bath with my favorite foot scrub and scented oils and just stayed there, topping off the tub with hot water occasionally.

Friday night was good. I got the laundry done and put a meal on the table before spending most of the evening reading.

By the time Saturday morning dawned, bright, sunny and much cooler it was pretty obvious I wasn't going to be given enough time to clean up my house from three weeks hard working with overtime followed by collapsing in bed. I got a call that family members were coming down to visit, family members having health struggles and her daughter from an earlier marriage and the boyfriend.

This is someone that I love, love, love dearly but have the most horrible time trying to interact with. They came down, we met for a long lunch where most of the adults talked about World of Warcraft and I talked to the preteen relative. The oldest daughter from the first marriage announced to her momma, me and everyone else that she'd just moved in with the boyfriend and showed off her new engagement ring, which led to a gentle interrogation of these two eighteen year olds over their plans. Tension and weirdness before we split up.

Momma relative is scaring the crap out of me because it's pretty obvious she needs to be inpatient somewhere till she's calmer. She's in a bad way, kept fighting with the preteen and has mentioned being at the end of her rope about a dozen times. I tried to talk to her husband about everything and he was non committal about it. Something has to give or I'm afraid she'll flip out.

To meet with them I'd had to not go with my husband up to DC for the march against a Syrian strike.

Last night I noticed that I suddenly had a bulls eye rash around a bug bite, got up this morning feeling like something that comes out of the bulls rear end and today was spent at the local doc in a box trying to find out if I have Lyme Disease again. The doctor in the box was a tiny short Middle Easterner with one of the most abrupt bedside manners I've seen in a long time. Only my Saudi back doctor is worse. He looked at my ring of rash and said it was cellulitis. They ran a Lyme test anyway and I left clutching an antibiotic that would kill either one.

Told to rest I napped and read on the loveseat next to the cockatiel's cage so he spent my nap time grooming my hair and brows. My hair looks really crazy now.

I think next weekend I'm going to make sure I clean this place on Friday night and not answer the phone all weekend. Jim's going to visit his mother and I'm going to do nothing, glorious nothing, no family drama, no worrying about relatives mental states and no expectations.

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