Saturday, October 12, 2013

Role Reversal: Bringing Home That Bacon & Letting the Hubby Fry it Up in a Pan

Since the government shutdown my husband Jim has been at home and I've been working at my job.

It's taken a little adjustment to trade roles and I must admit that on the two rainy cold days this week I was more than a little miffed to come home to him snoozing in our cozy waterbed under a soft quilt while I was rain splattered, cold and hungry.

But we've settled in after two weeks of this. Jim has very nicely taken care of some rather large chores I'd been putting off. He's cleaned and reorganized both the garage and storage room, done the dishes daily, dusted, cleaned various rooms all the while working on the material for his Spanish class.

I come home and make us something simple to eat. He washes the dinner pots, pans and dishes.

What I'm wondering is why the Christian Right makes such a big deal out of the woman staying home and the man working long hours outside of the home as the only 'right' way to do life God's way? I can swear to you I'm no less feminine than I was before and my husband isn't grinding his teeth because my salary is the only one coming in. He's actually quite happy we have money coming in at the same time he is unemployed. We're both secure in our marriage, our sexuality and our fluid roles without any disturbances in our marriage, contrary to everything spouted by Debi Pearl, Nancy Campbell and all the ladies at Ladies Against Feminism.

Even with the lack of Jim's paycheck we're both relatively happy right now just the way things are. Hard and fast gender roles really suck.

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