Thursday, October 03, 2013

Running With Scissors

We have had some exciting times at work recently. Some little Johnette and then a little Johnny each managed to get a hold of some scissors and attempt to stab staff with said scissors. Little Johnette was even more badass, she drew a bath tub full of water and threatened to drown her house momma in the tub.

Johnette was hauled away from our facility to another place suitable for very violent children. So was Johnny. The rest of us got lectures about locking away all scissored in desk drawers. Scissors, for good measure I threw my staple remover in with the scissors. Some very determined kid could probably gouge an eye or two out.

The other thing we've been up to this week was discussing what will happen if the government shut down runs longer than the 17th and Medicaid shuts down. The facility would not be paid for the care of the kids no one else will take. No payments means no paychecks means shipping the patients out to other facilities and shuttering our village at least temporarily.

I might be out of a job again if the government shut down lasts much longer.

Jim is home now since of the thousand plus workers in his building all but three were told they were out of work now. Jim is freaking out because of what he does, the daily collection and dissemination of information, press releases, tweets, site updates and the editing he does for the oldest publication that the US government still has. If this goes on long it's going to take them months to catch up again.

Throw in today's insane shooting just blocks from Jim's shut office and I'm starting to feel like the whole world is running with scissors. Even our big audit that everyone has been stressing over for months is now being put off somewhere in the distance considering it was two federal agencies that were conducting the audit. Who knows if it will ever happen now.

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