Saturday, November 23, 2013

As The Residential Treatment Center Turns

I'm glad I experienced the gossiping, back stabbing, crazy, blame-shifting, self-righteousness of my leaving my old fundamental-evangelical church. It gives me valuable experience handling the irrational and mentally ill at work. Plus that ever popular game playing that is work place politics. I don't take the bait and indulge the game players. I keep my nose to the task at hand, or if it gets especially bad I make the popcorn and sit back to watch.

It's work griping, it's long, so you might want to ditch if you are busy... and it's not connected much to my spiritual journey except in the fact that I controlled myself enough not to beat down a supervisor or get much involved in the ugly stuff.

The last month at work has been office politics played with the seriousness of the contestants in that Hunger Games movie! Like it's a supreme battle with the victor winning the world and all its riches instead of just looking venial and vicious.

And here I was thinking the worst I had to worry about was the crazy gal asking me things like how to give a blow job and the little girl that runs around trying to masturbate in public. She's all of seven.

Oh no! That stuff is like a Sunday school picnic compared to the machinations of my ex-supervisor down in the dungeon of medical records.

Let me backtrack here. Back in mid August three of us were hired to help out with getting the paperwork ready for a government audit by a federal agency. We spent three weeks getting the school master files archive corrected before the three of us being sent to medical records to do the same there.

The other two ladies are somewhat younger than I. Kris is about ten years younger than I, she's black, and she has one of the worst life stories I've heard in a long while. Her ex husband faked his death to get out of charges that he robbed some place. She found out about the original charges and a lot of other illegal stuff he did only after his story hit the front page of the Washington Post. This all went down about three years ago. She promptly divorced him, but ended up losing their home to the FBI (I think) because he was also wanted on drug dealing charges. She lost her government job due to his arrest killing her security clearance. After the trial, losing everything and the general trauma of everything she's been through she's easing back into the work world.

I love Kris, she's pretty awesome.

The other lady I was hired with and have worked many hours with is Janey. Janey is also black, a single mom who's had her share of personal difficulties but is also a truly wonderful person I enjoy working with.

Once the three of us landed in medical records we were all glad that we'd not been split up as we all work well together. We all did what the supervisor Big Red directed us to do. But... it wasn't hard to see that Big Red didn't like Kris and I heard from one of the others in that dept, Mr. Stink Bug, that she didn't like blacks and had been sued and lost at her last position for racial discrimination against a black underling. Big Red started talking crap about Kris behind her back before calling up the HR dept and asking them to move Kris to another dept because she claimed that Kris was refusing to do as she asked and had an 'attitude'.

Kris didn't have any more attitude than anyone else there or talk as much as Big Red claimed. Kris worked as fast as the rest of us. It was true that she didn't always do what Big Red requested. The first time Big Red said something ugly about Kris I defended Kris, saying she was actually very smart and a hard worker.

Both Janey and I tried to warn Kris that Big Red was gunning to get rid of her and that if Kris wanted to keep getting the hours she needed to buck up, do everything Big Red asked and never talk back.

Around that same time I was told by Big Red that she wanted to hire me as a full time auditor and that would happen soon. It didn't happen and I heard later that she had no authority to hire for that position anyway. She still assured Janey and I that she would keep us working for the medical records division and try to get funding for official positions for us in that dept. Another lie it turns out.

I said nothing at work, just came home and grumbled to the husband about the liar I was working for and her ways of talking shit about everyone at the facility behind their backs. I did nothing, just did my job and said "Yes boss" for every request.

Kris ended up writing up therapy treatment notes for a therapist named Moe who could not use the computer to do his own because his hand was healing from being stabbed with a piece of glass by one of his patients. Janey and I, along with others, saw her do these reports, saw them printed out. Hell, I audited those reports before handing them off to Big Red so that they could be added to the archives filing.

Big Red still wasn't happy with Kris working in our building in one of the empty offices that Big Red had designs on taking to expand her own office. So Big Red made up more crap about Kris and Kris was told to report to the executive offices to work for Miss Carr. Kris refused because it was only 25 hours a week and she'd been hired for full time hours.

Two weeks pass and there's no work from Kris. Kris went to talk to the head of HR and found out what Big Red had told HR about her and had to be stopped from going to kick Big Red's ass. But once she calmed down she started working full time in the infirmary as the infirmary records auditor. She loves it because there's zero supervision. You show up, you do your job and you come into the office to help when they need extra help.

Two weeks ago Big Red comes into the office annex Janey and I are working in and instructs us to move all of our things because she's moving two other people to help with the archive auditing. There's just one problem, we had about the same amount of paper we were sorting on the two desks in there with about a couple of reams of paperwork. I told Big Red to give us an hour or so to get to a good stopping point to refile all this stuff and we'd be happy to move over and make room. Big Red's response was to say 'Never mind'

The next day I was in training and fell, breaking my right wrist and spraining just about everything there is to sprain. I don't go to work for a few days, following the doctors orders, plus I really don't like driving on heavy duty muscle relaxers anyway. No DUIs here.

When I do turn up again Big Red tells me I'm not allowed in the medical records office and that I've been reassigned to the Executive Offices and Miss Carr. I am surprised and trudge over the hilltop to the offices of Miss Carr, where I find I'm now pulling the daily behavior paperwork and reports, auditing it and filing it in the permanent files in the different children's dorm offices.

But when I am walking around the campus pulling treatment and behavior documents people I know keep asking me why I smarted off to Big Red so badly she had to fire me from her dept. I explain again and again I didn't smart off, I just said we needed an hour or so to comply with her request. I hear over and over that Big Red was telling everyone this and saying, "She complained she was uncomfortable so I'm going to make her even more uncomfortable by sending her to Miss Carr so she'll have to walk all over the campus and be really uncomfortable." I'm hot and want to beat down Big Red myself at this point.

I quickly realize I've been released from the dungeon, like Kris! No supervision, it's just assumed that I will do the job and do it well. I find I love walking all over the campus as it's one of the most beautiful farms you could ever see. I like the fresh air and the sunshine and interacting with the kids around the campus. I have side projects to work on if I get my basic work done and when I run out of the projects I decide to start going through the master files and making sure everything is correct. I love my job way more than ever and realize Big Red did me a big favor when she thought she was punishing me. My new supervisor is happy that I'm quick and accurate and able to see what needs doing and do it without being asked.

Since Kris and I are both auditing we sometimes go around together and work side by side in the dorms while crowing about having the best jobs at the facility.

Then yesterday happens. We're both working in a certain dorm, the same dorm that Big Red has her office in the basement and we hear crying and drama. Miss Treasure, one of the best sweetest therapists there is suddenly fired. Why? Because Big Red is claiming that Treasure is 18 weeks behind in therapy notes, which as I later discover is a huge lie because the master files I audit have her therapy reports up to last week. She's not behind. Today I point out to the folks in the executive office that Miss Treasures notes are not behind, that Big Red is seriously squirrelly and a racist. Don't know that it will do any good but I can prove the notes are up to date.

Later yesterday Moe, the therapist that Kris helped do all of his therapy notes for the last four months, comes into the office where Kris and I are working and starts having a meltdown because the notes Kris put together for him that I audited are missing. The files are erased off the server and the three inch thick piles of printed notes are not in the medical records archives files. He told us that he confronted Big Red about his notes missing from the files and she gave him many rude answers that weren't helpful before telling him to get out. Kris and I end up going to his boss and telling her that Moe did do the notes, Kris did them and saved copies on the server, I audited them, Miss Tina swears she filed them but now they are missing.

The upshot is that Kris and I are going to be working some overtime reconstructing his therapy notes and a big wig in the executive offices pulled the info on who did what on the server. The only one that accessed that file was Big Red's login and the file was erased by that login.

Me? I'm making popcorn, Kris is bringing the cokes and we're both sitting back to watch what happens next. I am hoping this means Big Red will be on the hotseat and likely be fired.

This is why you don't play political games and backstab at work. Karma comes around and if you're busy tearing others down you might be the one tumbling.

Big Red is not only riding her drama llama but she's watering it, feeding it, combing it's mane and rocking it to sleep. 

Did I also mention this is all taking place at a Christian charity?

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Bugeyedmonster2 said...

I so want to hear about everything that happens to Big Red. It's so nice when karma goes back to such folks.

I've seen sort of the opposite when I worked somewhere else, the side of the drama llama gets taken by higher management. Sigh.