Saturday, November 23, 2013

As The Residential Treatment Center Turns Addendum

I forgot to mention last night that Big Red also overheard Miss Tina talking about her possible adoption of one of the kids. The rules state you cannot work here and adopt one of the kids. If you adopt you must quit your job. Tina and her husband both work here.

So Big Red asks Tina about what she overheard and Tina tells her that if the adoption goes through she will be putting in her notice, not mentioning Mr. Tina's plans to quit at all.

What does Big Red do after telling Miss Tina it is all okay with her? Big Red goes to Mr Tina's supervisor and reports him for a variety of untrue things revolving around the possible adoption. Now both of them have been called up and reprimanded by HR.

 I had to call Big Red up from the executive building and request her old file folders for a project. She started to give me grief till she realized I had her on speaker phone in the admin office where all the passing big wigs could hear. The tone of her voice and attitude changed in an instant - sweet as pie and more helpful than a fawning lackey. I got my fifty old folders with no more crap.

Then Red publicly embarrassed Janey in front of the entire staff after hearing Janey make a short phone call to pay a bill. Janey took a short lunch just so she could do just that. Shortly after Big Red sent around an all staff email pointing out that you should not be using work phones to ever conduct personal business during work hours, even on your lunch hour and named Janey as a culprit.

I'm wondering if Janey is going to find herself moved to another dept on Monday morning but that's exactly the kind of stuff Big Red does. I hope for Janey's sake that they do. There are openings at the infirmary with Kris.

Oh how I wish I could match Big Red up with the other contender for the Asshole of the World award, Tom Smith. They would make such a lovely couple.

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