Thursday, November 07, 2013

Christian Adoption?

I'm beginning to wonder about the wisdom of adoption, who gets to decide and how so many less than suitable parents happen to end up adopting. But mostly how people that call themselves good Christians that oppose abortion and say that adoption is the way don't adopt the kids out there that need it the most.

The Religious Right, like the Duggars and many others, oppose abortion fervently, using all sorts of made up facts and logic to push their agenda, yet once a child is born it's on it's own. No help for children born in poverty and less than optimal home situations. It's all about birthing that baby and nothing beyond. Way more cruel in my eyes.

Not that I am advocating abortion here. While I believe it's everyone's personal choice it's a choice that I would never make. Everyone has to decide on their own.

There's a girl at work who will be released as soon as they can find an adoptive family for her. I love this little girl, she's smart, she's worked the program till she has morphed into someone considerate and loving with high grades at the community school. She comes out of the worst abuse you could imagine and the courts have severed all parental rights.

Yesterday as I was coming out of one cabin she stopped me, eager to show me her last month's worth of tests, all A's and A pluses. Such a sweet soul that gravitates to those of us who are mothers on campus, just wanting a touch of motherly love, attention and affection. I tried in my short ten minutes to give her that, since she needs it so badly. Anyone adopting her would have to have the time and focus to keep pouring love and attention on her all of the time.

Here is where that becomes problematic. She's of a race that isn't usually as adoptable plus she's not cute or pretty. She has to have surgery soon for what is likely to be a type of cancer. She's likely to have special needs in the future. She's twelve years old.

Let's face it, in our culture looks are always factor, even if they shouldn't be. Breaks my heart to know that people might bypass her because of something she cannot control and miss a wonderful child that needs a family so badly. Add in the medical needs and she'll be passed over for adoption again and again. No one seems to want an older child, just a cute little baby.

In the eyes of the evangelicals she's not worth it.

I wish so badly I could adopt her.

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