Sunday, November 03, 2013

Outing Myself

This weekend I've had more than a few folks 'warn' me that someone very curious was sniffing around trying to 'out' me. Curiosity killed the cat, in this case it's going to bore them to death.

That someone is trying to waste their time investigating me, me who has never tried to hide who and what I am, where I am etc. makes me laugh so hard. So I'm going to make it simple on them and 'out' myself. Save you the trouble.

There's nothing to hide but here it goes.

My first name is Suzanne but anyone cruising over to NLQ would figure that out in a heartbeat as well as my last name with it's semi-filthy first syllable. One look at my Facebook shows you exactly where I live and other facts such as I was raised in South Louisiana, attended school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before marrying and moving to Europe and then the Greater Washington DC area.

My husband works for the federal government in DC and is listed various places online, such as the Who's Who in the administration and other joints. You can try calling him or emailing him to complain what a huge big meanie I am or accuse me of various and sundry crap but he'll just laugh. He's had to deal with some lunatic stalkers of mine in the past. In fact, my mother, my brother in law and my mother in law have all be contacted and told how they think I am and the family has laughed.

We have three kids, one married with kids and successfully self employed. A son working in a non-profit and a daughter short one semester graduating from George Mason. Yeah, yeah, they know what a meanie-bo-beanie I am. Even the one that nearly died from ITP.

I'm borderline crazy cat lady with three cats and two birds, down from an all time high of 12 cats and about 15 birds. I don't do drugs, I rarely drink and I love to cook, sew and paint. I hate to clean. When I was a young woman I have tried to smoke, shoot, snort and rub into my belly all sorts of substances. I was also in a band in my early twenties. I still sing in public sometime for various religious events/services.

I don't get high because I end up looking like this photo taken the day after I had my arm reconstructed ten years ago. I'm flying on pain pills and feeling as goofy as a person can get in that photo. Looking like my late father here..

I drive an older Buick and live in a three bedroom average suburban type house. I also own rental property and a large tract of land off the interstate in Louisiana that I inherited from my late father. I work at a childrens residential treatment center plus I admin and post up at No Longer Quivering. There are people still annoyed when I used to make fun of the crazy antics of the American Idol fans at Free David Cook and the long defunct Idletard. Sic mundi gloria transit Idletard, how I miss the fun there~

The Adam Lambert and David Cook super fans have beaten everyone to digging about me and coming up with some of the funniest personal speculations ever. Outdoing them in the outing sweepstakes is going to take some doing. 

My life is pretty happy without much in a way of hardships, except for my crazy asthma. I have friends, hobbies and places to be and things to see. Yeah, I like to bitch about my husband sometimes when he does something bone headed. It's as simple as that. I haven't scammed anyone on the internet out of money. I don't claim to be 'special' or the Queen of this or that. 

I've been following the drama about Razing Ruth and all I can say is that if the woman you're naming is the same as Ruth then there is something very weird and emotionally unhealthy going on. Who uses their kids illnesses like that besides a mentally ill person? The use of the kids by the person named disgusts me. Jury is still not completely out in my mind on this issue but I am fascinated. Reminds me of what a friend of mine dug up on a similar fake named L. Anne Carrington. Lying liars have a hard time keeping their lies straight and are usually outed by their own words. I don't worry too much about them.

If you feel the need to stalk me this is what I look like now. But usually I'm not wearing a cat like this.

Happy Stalking!


Anonymous said...

Great post, my friend. :) I wrote a post awhile back titled, Who is this Bruce Gerencser Guy? Every day, I see dozens of searches looking for "dirt" on me, the real story about who I am. It is so f#%*ing funny. So I obliged them. One brainless man tells people he talked to someone who really "knows" me and he "knows" I didn't pastor one church that I say I did. Whatever, right?

Like you, I don't hide. Here I am, out in the open, what you see is what you get.

BTW, cat lover here. Three cats, all rescue cats. I grew up in a zoo. My mother loved animals. Dogs, cats, parrots, myna bird, you name it.

I doubt this post will satisfy the people who are sniffing around. They rarely value facts. Lies are so much more interesting.

Calulu said...

Hey Bruce, my most frequent search terms now are 'Vaughn Ohlman Wife Beater' and while I think Von has some squirrely beliefs I never said or thought that he was a wife beater!

You are right. Outing yourself never satisfies the haters, but you know what? I'm not writing for the haters. Haters will hate regardless.

I like that old cliche 'Dogs will bark but still the caravan moves on'

Bugeyedmonster2 said...

Oh, hey! *waves hi*

I'm stalking, um, following your blog from NLQ. I can't remember which I found first, NLQ or CToBMR on FB. (Christians Tired of Being Mis-Represented.) I know I found Un-Fundamentalist Christians through CToBMR.

I'm on Wordpress (don't update that as often as I should) and blogger, and FB.

In case you want to stalk me back.

PS, I'm also on LiveJournal, but that's my crazy fandom place. Where I can discuss bad science in Doctor Who or Stargate, why these two characters do or don't belong together, and why Steve Rodgers may have used marijuana in his youth.