Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Blues

Yesterday was like a big joke that the cosmos was playing on me.

Get to work just in time to get told that we were being dismissed for the week in about an hour. Now I know I was going to have to leave quickly to make my tests and doctors appointment but damn, I need every tiny pathetic hour of work I can get in the buildup to Christmas. Bummer.

Get home early at loose ends and decide to tackle the mountain of laundry and go ahead and bake the pies and cake I'm bringing to my daughter's today. Promptly burn the first pie and lose steam in making any more. Looks like the thermostat in my oven has died.

Go out to buy pies between a pulmonary function test and that doctors appointment. Get in line at the grocery, check out and discover my freaking wallet is missing. Rush home to find it had fallen out of my purse and behind the sofa. Rush back to finish the pie purchase.

My doctor does a thorough physical of me because I've been wheezing and using my nebulizer more than a stoner reaches for his favorite bong. I am pronounced as fit as I ever am, low blood pressure, strong pulse, and other good indicators and doctor tells me all of his pulmo patients are struggling to breath because of the screwed up weather. Just wait and it will pass. Grrrr.

The sky spit sneet while I was out driving around. Sneet, that cross between sleet and snow where the ice pings on your car and tiny icy snowflakes drift around. As a result everyone in town started losing their damn minds, driving more idiotic than ever, running red lights, speeding, running stop signs. People, get a grip. It's just snow and sleet that's melting the second it hits the ground.

And then I get home and decide it's the Best Day Ever!!! One of my buddies in Oz sent me a package of very Australian quilting fabrics and I'd received a book I preordered months and months ago and semi forgot about.

Amazing how a small thing can turn a crappy day to something wonderful! Plotting out my new quilt now. I usually get really cranky like this around Turkey Day because of the self-induced must dos and pressures and forget that there's really a lot to be thankful for. Today is a new day!

Happy Thanksgiving..

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