Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blood Runs Cold

Not a picture of work but one that is very similar to what we experienced on Monday morning.

After all that silly babbling about believing in the paranormal I had the fright of my life the other day at work. This happened Monday after the ice storm.

Where I work at is a large farm on top of a steep hill, so it was hell even getting down the dirt road that leads in. Downed trees and ice coated gravel plus that ever popular mud. Once I got to work it was business as usual. Traipsing around picking up and dropping off stuff bundled up like an Eskimo. It wasn't until I got to the cabin nearest the gate that things got weird.

After I parked I was walking through the woods towards the cabin in a deluge of ice particles and rain falling from above. I walked over the basketball court and up on the deck when suddenly I heard a noise, turning just in time to see a basketball bouncing furiously alone in the middle of the court. It was as if it were being bounced by a ghostly hand. There was no one around, no one in the cabin. I hightailed it out of there thinking this was just too weird.

Later I came back and told one of the house mothers about what happened and she started laughing. Apparently a couple of the bigger boys had tried to go out and play basketball in the snow only to have the ball stuck in a frozen net. The ball just happened to come down right after I passed the court. Whew~ I'm such a fraidy cat

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