Sunday, December 08, 2013

Bump in the Night

Zak Bagin at Bobby Mackey's 

I'm not going to bore you with my day yesterday involving Costco and the Honda dealership. But on the way back from the Honda dealership my husband insisted I take a 'short cut', an old back road I used to be familiar with but even then had never driven it in the pitch dark before.

Have to admit, I was more than a little spooked considering this farmland was once land that changed possession many times between the North and South in the Civil War. Add in that I've been seeing dead folks in places since I was three and you see why I avoid night time on battlefields.

Yes, I'm coming out of the paranormal closet. I believe in spirits, etc. Too many personal experiences to discount the possibility that there is something 'more' out there. I've experienced things happening at my last two or three employers that I must tag paranormal. It's made for some odd experiences living in a region that was hotly contested during the War Between the States.

But I don't look for it, I avoid it when possible and I stay out of places where I've had experiences, such as the Graffiti House and downtown Madison in too many buildings.

During my years at my old church my ability to see dead people was discouraged, at least until our pastor took a sharp left turn into demonology, removing evil spirits from houses and doing exorcisms. He encouraged my abilities and I have to admit it came in handy for praying for people, being able to glean some small thing about them. Plus I never minded doing a house cleansing but whenever they would do exorcisms I was always torn between skepticism and thinking that the pastor was opening doors he shouldn't have and dabbling in dangerous territory.

Between half the church going to Toronto Airport Christian fellowship whenever possible and also dabbling in the spiritual realm this created the first cracks that widened into an unrepairable gulf between two different factions at the church. There were those described above (myself part of that side) and the traditionalists that wanted only Bible study, hymns and the way it had always been done with no hocus pocus.

When I was twelve I got a Quija board as a Christmas present. I didn't even know what it was, but my inner voice kept telling me that thing was something not to mess with. I never played with it and so unreasonably frightened of it that I put it in the top of the guest bedroom closet. I didn't want it in my room.

I have to think my old pastor pal underestimated what he was dealing with when he tried to battle darkness and the demonic, which I'm sure didn't help the awfulness and backbiting that came later.

There are things in the spiritual realm that you just really do not want to mess with. Which is one of my big frustrations when I watch 'Ghost Adventures' with Zak Bagins. He curses, rants and provokes in places where he should tread very lightly and probably just stay out of.

He has said that he has had negative experiences in the aftermath of investigating places like Bobby Mackay's in Wilder, Kentucky and I believe it. You cannot strut arrogantly into places with such negative energy acting like you're a know it all and not expect whatever the place contains to not react back. But he learned something, and hasn't been quite the same ass when he's gone back.

Unlike my old pastor and others in the Christian community I believe there is likely a scientific explanation for hauntings, spirits, whatever you chose to name it. I think they'll find it has something to do with electrical energy we all carry in our bodies and that physics will have the hard science on why this happens one day. 

Wow, this is not at all the direction I was planning to write about today. I was going to write about getting lost in the back woods and only knowing where I was when I saw the Christmas blinged-out house of an old friend. How friends are sometimes signposts along the way, not my ability to see dead folks or just know stuff I shouldn't know.

But getting lost is how I first stumbled across Bobby Mackey's too. We were driving in rural Kentucky and all the sudden I started getting the weirdest feelings, like there was something supernatural in a bad way that I was nearing. I knew what it was as soon as I saw the road signs indicating that we were in Wilder, Kentucky. When we passed in front of the bar I sped up just to get the hell away from that place as fast as possible.

One thing I have learned from whatever this 'sense' of mine actually might be is that if you have inner feelings and church leadership tells you that it is 'demonic' or to not listen to your inner voice or they become a little too interested in it you should run away from that church as fast as you can.

I think if you ignore whatever version of the inner voice you might possess you're only hurting yourself. That inner voice is truer than anything someone else might say, including pastors.

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