Sunday, January 05, 2014

A Bloody Blast From The Past

This evening as I was updating No Longer Quivering I was putting up a blog posting by Lana Hope, which lead to one on the same subject as a recent blog post by Libby Anne: Men in the Quiverfull Fundamentalist Homeschooling movement that track all the females in the family menstrual cycles on the family calender for everyone to see.

Am I like the only one that thinks this goes beyond the old 'too much information' thing and straight into 'creepy and beyond controlling' area? It just really horribly squicks me out.

When I first started my monthly periods my mother taught me to track it on a calender so I'd be prepared every month, that is after she dealt with my hysteria because I knew nothing about menstruation and thought I was dying, bleeding to death. It wasn't creepy, she didn't demand I put the calender where she or anyone else could see. Certainly my father would never have tracked my period.

After I stopped shuddering and making disgusted noises while reading and posting I had to ask Jim what he thought about tracking your wife's period. He asked if I meant so they could figure out when the most fertile time was to conceive a baby. When I told him no, that it was something recommended by Bill Gothard and Michael Pearl he said he could not imagine why anyone would do that. Isn't that the business of each woman, keeping up with when they might next have their period, control of their own bodies?

Thank you Jim for never tracking mine, even when we were our most fundy.  To me it speaks volumes of a basic disrespect for the women in those families. Even if that lame old excuse about needing to know when to expect hormonal behavior was true what purpose does it serve to post up for anyone in the family to look at whenever they please? Another subjugation? Another stripping away of privacy and basic respect/decency against women?

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