Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ouch Spandex!

Usually I don't care what anyone wears or doesn't wear now that I find the whole idea of Christian Modesty ridiculous. It puts the onus for controlling random mens lust on the ladies, instead of where it belongs, firmly on the guy doing the lusting. Have some self control, guys! Really!

Whenever I see something online that seeks to control what women wear or don't wear, either religious or worldly, I roll my eyes. Recently I saw one on how when you reach 'a certain age' (post-40) you shouldn't be wearing clothing designed for teenagers. Again, personal choice and you're not hurting anyone by dressing all in Rue-21 clothing.

Last night sort of disabused me of my notions of 'if it feels good wear it'. Jim and I went to the first meeting of our town weight loss challenge. Never have I seen so many out of shape extremely overweight people wearing the tightest of spandex before! I was cringing, for them and for me. I would have been very uncomfortable wearing something so form fitting, even for the gym. I'm usually found wearing loose yoga pants and a loose fitting tee shirt. I don't want to have to inflict the sight of my bumpy lumpy thighs and rear end on anyone I don't have to.

Spandex is not your friend if you're not reasonably toned. This is what I saw a lot of last night, but at least a hundred or so pounds heavier. Posting a print out of this photo on the fridge so I will not overeat~

Yeah, yeah, I hear you saying I'm a real hypocrite since I have no problem being nekkid in the gym dressing room. True, but being naked in the gym dressing room is appropriate, showing everyone and God your unlovely lady lumps via spandex is not the best of choices. There were hundreds of folks there that made me want to poke my eyes out with a folk even if they are doing what is best for them by joining a weight loss group.

Okay, so everyone is free to make that choice but it still grosses me out. I think I have to add 'use common sense' to my 'if it feels good wear it' philosophy.


Persephone said...

There is not enough brain bleach to let me visit People of WalMart.

Calulu said...

Persephone, it was like being stuck in a sea of People of WalMart. Three hundred plus pound people in spandex! There's not enough brain bleach in this world to make me go back to the Monday night meetings/weighin