Thursday, January 02, 2014

Silly Things Fundies Say #1

For the past couple of months I've reset my alarm clock so that when it comes on to wake me it doesn't have that vile shrieking electronic beep-beep going but something else I find even more irritating. I set it to American Family Radio, you know, Reverend Donald Wildmon's ministry radio station.

Wildmon made his name by attacking cultural/societal things he didn't agree with, sooo important those things are, like Madonna videos and the whole ridiculous War on Christmas (/sarcasm)

Most mornings I now awake to some pretty hysterical lies. I'm usually lying there either giggling at the ignorance or muttering "Bullshit!" over their programming. One morning it was two ladies trying to out humble-brag each other on how to be the most perfectly submissive to a husband. Most of the time it's feverish rantings about how the evil government is and how Christians/Christianity are going to be wiped out, are marginalized, had power stripped from them.

Ridiculous fear tactics that have little basis in fact. Although I do like the sermons of one Dr. David Jeremiah they feature. I've yet to hear anything objectionable in his words, more uplifting than anything else.

But the rest. Hoo-boy! Today's was a doozy: a discussion on why Christian kids shouldn't go to college. The main thrust of the discussion was....

.........drum roll please.......

"The economy cannot support all these college graduates...."

Ugh! They offered no solution for jobs, just all the reasons why college isn't necessary. I guess someone has to staff Chik-Fil-A.

Admittedly, the rates of college grads having to take some very low level job to have a job straight out of college or having no job for months after graduation are at an all time high. But......   it's the economy, stupid. Once time marches on those with the higher education will end up with positions that use their education, while those homeschoolers or ones with  high school diploma will be stuck in the types of dead end jobs that require no education beyond high school without hopes of a living wage or being independent.

Way to go fundies! Ensuring your children will never leave the family nest! That's really what you guys wanted in the first place!

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