Saturday, January 11, 2014

Silly Things Fundies Say #2

So a couple of weeks ago I mentioned I have my alarm clock set to American Family Radio for the purposes of jolting my butt out of bed quickly on those days I must be somewhere in a timely fashion.

This week I kept waking up to a man being interviewed by a ministry about his slide down the slippery slope of lust and fornication. He copped to a long list of sexual peccadilloes over the course of a few days time. It seemed like the second he left his home and homeschooling for a 'worldly' university he went from chaste to trying to insert his naughty bits into any open hole attached to a woman.

It was interesting listening to him take responsibility for his actions until he uttered that Fundy "Get Out Of Lust Jail" card -

'Ladies, the most helpful thing you can do to keep your brothers in Christ pure is to make sure you are dressed modestly all the time.'

Ugh! In the end he tried to blame his sexcapades not on his own inability to control his libido but on the women around him in worldly college showing off knees and bra straps!

This type of thinking reduces not only the ladies to inanimate body parts but also confirms animal status on men, reducing them to a bundle of uncontrollable hormones. Not human but animal.

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