Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Silly Things Fundies Say #3

This morning's twaddle on AFR (American Family Radio) occurred during James Dobson's Focus on the Family program.

A woman was speaking of how abortion had tragically ruined her life. Former party girl now turn Good Christian Lady (tm) talked about getting pregnant out of wedlock a year after her husband died. Of course it wasn't her fault, but the fault of the man that plied her with alcohol. Since she already had a small baby she was raising on her own she had an abortion.

Another man, another unmarried tryst, another pregnancy but this time she decided she was going to give the baby up for adoption. Unfortunately the man and his parents did not want her to adopt out the child so another abortion happened. Wonder how they felt about that?

And a third out of wedlock pregnancy, this time blamed on her partying ways and alcohol. A third abortion. The nurse told her she'd been carrying twins and she flipped out, demanding the abortion stop, tried to climb off the table, etc. etc... oh so very dramatic guilt and remorse after each abortion.

Did it ever occur to her to stop putting herself in compromising positions with the opposite sex and alcohol? Did she try birth control?

Her claim -

"Abortion was too easy to get and I was victimized by it each time!!"

Yes, she went there, trying to claim that it is the fault of the abortion industry that she had abortions. No personal responsibility accepted for her poor decisions or lifestyle.

Why does it seem that no one in the fundamentalist Christian community ever take responsibility for the wrong things that they do? Why the constant "I'm a victim of the world" mentality. It's not healthy.

How about some honesty, some responsibility, some realness instead of the blame shifting?

Head to desk. Ugh.

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