Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fallen Into The Hands of Modern Medicine! Eeeek!!

First let me start off by baldly stating that there are times when I rant about my health here that I cringe at the same time. There are so many obvious fakers and malingerers out there that they make it hard for the rest of us, make everyone skeptical of any online ongoing medical confloption and make it impossible to receive narcotic pain meds when you are having a crisis, just as falling on the ice and messing up your knee.

There is one lady in particular that has recently been outed as a fake that I'd like to get by the neck and squeeze the crap out of her like Homer does to Bart on "The Simpsons". Pain pill seeking, recording that she went to the ER with this or that and got this immediate diagnosis, diagnosis piling up after a twenty minute visit to her doctor? All pretty much impossible. Modern medicine, like the law, goes slowly and grinds exceedingly fine.

Which was my frustrations with yesterday at Johns Hopkins asthma and allergy clinic. I was evaluated by one of their allergy doctors. He told me that there wasn't really anything he could do for me other than do an allergy panel to see what common allergies he could find. I got off my allergy meds for six days for NO FREAKING REASON!! It's been itchy, wheezing, sneezing hell for me the last week and now he's agreeing with my old doctor and saying that allergy testing me would be life-threatening.

Okay, so this was a consult, and he does want me seen by the ENT and the Pulmonology clinic people, which is fine. But to sit there and have a research doctor tell you that you're on the drug of last resort and he has nothing for you is massively disappointing.

The only good that came out of my ordeal is that we sat down and seperated out what is a true allergy for me and what is an environment irritant that triggers my asthma attacks and anaphlaxis response. That was useful. The other thing is that he thinks I might have Paraoyxnal Vocal Cord syndrome (hope I'm spelling it right) wreaking havoc with the asthma and multiple chemical sensitivity. Which might actually make sense. It's common in people with years of asthma and many many many rounds of steroid treatment. Reading about it online it's common to have Cushings Syndrome with it and yes, I have symptoms of it too.

He also confirmed that my old doctor's treatment of my condition was entirely appropriate and right. I knew it. Jim could never accept that my doctor knew what he was doing.

Of all the things I've learned over the past seven years struggling with my breathing the most important is to keep pushing forward looking for an answer.

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