Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Foggy Anticipation and Nekkid Church?

Just stumbled across the strangest thing of all times - Nekkid Church? I get wanting to be vulnerable and emotionally naked before the Lord, but... but... but... or should I say a whole lotta butts, I would never be able to concentrate on the sermon from my own discomfort and the distraction of the pastor's naughty parts swaying in the breeze. I guess different strokes for different folks.

I've had some trouble sleeping the last few nights after the break in. It's been back to good old Trazadone to bring the Sandman back around.

Work is better. I spoke to the facility manager and they're going to move me to another position. I'm fine with that. I've just had it with the egos and conflicting orders I've been given.

This is one day I am hoping not to be at work very long. We're supposed to be getting a great deal of snow here and I really do not want to be trapped at the facility because of the dirt roads being impassible. Looking forward to it because big snows make my asthma feel much better by tamping down the mold spores and dust outside. Cannot wait!

On the dieting front I have to laugh and share this tale. Darling Jim was telling a compadre on the phone a few nights ago that he didn't think I was taking it seriously because I refused to join in the aerobics classes he was taking.

I am working out as much as him but I am committed to doing just those things at a gym that will not jolt my neck and back's thin disks. I'm doing what my physical therapist recommended. Jumping jacks do not do my back good.

So later that same night we both went to weigh in at the gym that's running the community wide weight loss event. He'd lost a half a pound this week and I'd lost three. In. Your. Face. Jim! Now who is taking it seriously? LOL.....

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