Monday, February 17, 2014

Fun, Fun, Fun Till Costco Takes Your Rascal Away

I got to do something today I'd been itching to try out just to see what it was like. I got to ride around in an electric cart. Sometimes they're known by names like "Hoverround" or "Rascal"

We went to do our monthly Costco run today. Which was a problem considering I'm not supposed to be up and walking around for the rest of the week. Can't send Jim by himself because he'll ignore things like blue agave syrup and kale chips on my list and bring home peanuts and ice cream bars instead. Best if we go together, usually he wanders around looking and I pile all the stuff we need in the cart.

I rode in the electric scooter, visibly festooned with that thigh to ankle leg support and crutches and got a huge pile of stink eye from many folks. Okay, so here is where I admit I usually give fat people without anything visibly wrong with them the stink eye when they tote their fluffy rears around in an electric scooter in the store, but not to those people obvious impaired or the very elderly.

 Just the kind that makes me want to yell at them to get up and walk!

Getting dirty looks was surprising, like I said I was clearly impaired and for bonus points I am nowhere near as large as those ladies. I actually fit in the seat perfectly. But, it's Costco and that means it's more crowded than even Walmart. However, I did take a capacious amount of care not to run over anyone's feet no matter how irksome.

Jim pushed a cart behind the electric scooter, while I barked like a general to his troops and pointed at the things Jim needed to put in his cart. Teamwork.

It was almost more trouble than it was worth because I walk faster than the electric cart will go. Top speed is turtle. Not for me. Next time I'll lean on the regular cart for support.

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