Friday, February 21, 2014

Goat Rodeo Two Step

So here I am, supposed to stay completely off my leg and not drive until Monday. Can you guess what I've had to do the last few days? If you guessed drive and run around you'd be right.

I am so freaking frustrated right now. Monday I have an appointment at Johns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy center and they are wanting my medical records from my old doc that closed up shop. My new doctor sent him many, many faxed requests for my medical records with no answer. She's telling me that all her new patients that came from him are also getting the same run around I've gotten.

So the last seven years of records, a file that's a good foot thick, has vanished into thin air!

Running around trying to get ahold of him, signing permissions for the hospital to release info to Hopkins, the new doc, trying to chase down the old doctor. Finally I called Hopkins and explained the no records situation and they told me to come on down anyway since they are going to do all their own testing.

That's good but it doesn't give me my old medical records. I have to wonder why the old doc is not giving up the records. Does he fear a malpractice law suit?

I have his home address and phone number. Left a message on his home phone and if he doesn't call back I'm going to be ON his doorstep this afternoon. I know it's rude to chase a doctor, but damn, this is my life and health I'm dealing with.

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