Friday, February 14, 2014

Peaceful Wonderland

Yesterday we had an amazingly deep snowfall in the Piedmont section of Virginia. The last time I measured the depth, which was around 5pm before the second snowfall, the snow was just over fifteen inches in depth.

We get snow many times each winter but usually a dusting or a few inches. Anything under six inches isn't worth getting excited about.

Ah, I remember snow in South Louisiana, a few falling flakes and New Orleans and Baton Rouge go into panic and gridlock. Southerns and snow, not a good combination at all.

It's been a few years since we've had that type of snowfall. It's the kind I always look forward to because it damps down and kills off random mold spores, dust, pollens and other floating crud that impacts my lungs. This type of snow means I get to breath deeply outside without anything impeding me. I can breath! I love it!

But the most unexpected benefit of yesterday, besides catching up on my sleep, was that it was totally silent outside. No traffic sounds, no shouts of neighborhood kids, no hearing the grinding mill at the farmers co-op, no nothing. A peaceable kingdom and a winter wonderland.

The only one that didn't enjoy it was one of my cats, Kiki. Kiki loves to go out in the snow but with that depth of powdery snow he just kept sinking to his belly.

He kept trying to go out and falling down into the snow immediately before slinking back into the house.

I guess he's remembering the last time it snowed this deep and we went on a silent midnight walk around the neighborhood, just he and I.

Today's high is going to melt some of this off and I'm kind of sad about it. But people have started driving around and I'm sure the grist mill will grind double time to make up for yesterday. I knew it couldn't last. It was nice while it was happening.

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