Sunday, March 16, 2014

Barbequed Emotions

It's been a rough few days, hell, let's really be accurate here, last week, what with the doctors appointment followed by ridiculous work problems compounded with my trip to the Duggar signing followed by this weekend.

Jim was gone all week to Florida, going down with his pals for a week visiting the baseball Spring training camps, watching ball games and doing whatever it is guys do together when women aren't invited. His absence just made the week more difficult.

Saturday morning our daughter Laura and her boyfriend came down to pick up a dresser and another bed for their household. After we went out to a local barbeque place none of us had ever eaten at. We were all eager to support it because of the owner's response to the troubles of a local elderly couple at our local McDonalds. He's giving them free meals every Wednesday in response to McDonalds silly offer.

You may have seen the news story online. Couple having an afternoon coffee at McDonalds while someone was cleaning nearby. It's not 100% clear if the couple complained about the sweeping or if the worker asked them if they were bothered by it but... they said something and the worker ran and got his manager, who told them they'd been in the restaurant thirty minutes and had to get the heck out. The couple complained to corporate and was offered two small coffees for their troubles and refused them. They wanted an apology, not coupons for free coffee.

Great going Bob Drumheller~

This is the same McDonalds where I witnessed a knife fight in the parking lot one afternoon between workers, called up Drumheller's complaint line only to be told I witnessed no such thing. It had been frustrating because I was trapped in the drive thru line and every employee abandoned their posts to go watch the action in the parking. Stay classy Bob.

The food was fabulous at the barbeque place. Enormous servings we could not finish. I brought most of my meal home and ate it over the course of yesterday and today. The coleslaw was to die for, make with coconut.

The big problem of the weekend and today is that because three weeks ago I got off all my allergy meds so I could be tested for allergies at Johns Hopkins. That week of no drugs means no build up of the usual stuff that keeps me afloat. I've been suffering ever since, but the last two days were positively miserable.

Jim got home late last night, we went to bed and then went to church together this morning. I'm struggling with my allergy muddling through when a lady I do not know sat next to me on the church pew. Immediately I could feel my bronchial tubes and vocal cords start closing up as the fumes of cheap perfume and cigarettes washed over me within the first five seconds of her standing next to me. I had to leave immediately as I was starting into an asthma attack. It confirmed to me that I do have vocal cord movement syndrome likely after all.

I spent the rest of the service sitting in the basement coffee room downing black coffee and drugs, trying to bring it under control. I was crying I was so distraught, disgusted, frustrated that after nearly seven years of dealing with this shit I'm back at square one again. The asthma reactions that are severe like this tend to make wreak havoc on my emotions This one did.

It also opened my eyes to what game players most of the people I'm going to church are now as it was pretty obvious I was having bad respiratory distress and only a few people asked me if I was okay and if they could help out. The rest were busy doing the social thing. Jim was worried about me, took me home after it became clear that I was going to have to go home, take my stronger stuff and sleep it off. I did and I'm better now.

Last week in Sunday school one of the ladies in the class told someone else who also struggles with an ongoing medical confloption "You look good!" I could not resist asking him if that phrase out of the mouths of folks that have no idea how hard the struggle you have is and how you're many times feeling like ten inches of shit when people are telling you just how 'good' you look. I think we shocked more than a few in the class by pointing out how counter productive this is to the chronically ill.

But what a cold bunch of motherfuckers there are at this church too. I know who my friends are now.

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