Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Swim Suits and Snow

Power out at work so I was released after a mere hour at work. But in that hour before we lost the lights I did file a grievance report with HR. The ball is in their court now.

The funny thing about being triggered so badly yesterday is that this week our weekly training was about PTSD and triggers. Irony.

So I did the only sensible thing you can do when it's snowing. And it is snowing hard with vehicles in the ditch and a couple inches on the ground. I went out to buy swim suits for the gym.

One of my frustrations with going to the gym is my swim suit. The chemicals in the pool have eaten through the 'good' suits I've had, my Speedo suit, my Jantzen. So I switched to cheapos from Wal Mart. Having lost down a couple of sizes means my usual suits hang like spandex potato sacks and the only suit I have now is a couple of sizes too small. Squishes the boobs like I'm trying to achieve the Roaring Twenties flat-chested ideal. I like my breasts too much to want to torture them in the pool.

Buying swimsuits and bras is one of the worlds most frustrating and difficult tasks.

Splurged on a couple of two piece tankini suits, one the size I'm wearing now and one that is one size down. I can wear both  and both have built in underwire support. Better than a squashing.

If that doesn't work I think I have my Betty Rubble bikini somewhere in storage. I bought it many years ago when we stopped at a beach in Florida on our way back from visiting relatives and none of us had brought suits. It was towards the end of the season and not much was left on the store racks. I ended up with an asymmetrical two piece in blue cheetah print, even the swim skirt was cut at weird angles, just like a get up from 'The Flintstones'.  It was so bizarre I've only worn it a handful of times now, but I hang onto it just because it's so odd.

Make this in cheetah print and it's just like mine! But I'd rather be dressed like Betty Draper than Betty Rubble.

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