Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Will, The Will, Who's Got The Damn Will

So now I'm not getting any hours this last week and quite frankly, I'm more than a little relieved. I'm not sure I want to go back into that environment plus I filed a grievance over the whole nasty confloption. I did like I was supposed to and called in to check my on-call status but I'm not pushing for work. I'm interviewing elsewhere, for contractors jobs in the computer field in the Greater DC area.

After being triggered by anything to do with my past or past church leaving I'm wiped out for days. It takes me a few days to put myself back together. This time was no exception.  Add in a sinus headache and a looming sinus infection and there you go.

I had to finish up the taxes this week, put in all the data from our brokerage accounts and it's sort of like trying to climb Mount Everest without oxygen, a tent, a map, food or even a decent coat. It's depressing and defeating, taking days because our broker has his 1099s in the most awful confusing format and there's reams and reams of data, some of which doesn't need to be inputted. I'm no accountant and Turbotax is shit on guiding you through what I have to do to get the taxes right. I usually end up calling a tax accountant buddy a few times, calling the brokerage a dozen times to yell at them for not having importable files for the IRS. It's tedious and where if I'm going to screw up there it is, just like I did three years ago. Now, I'm much more careful and check behind myself constantly.

While trying to tool around the State of Virginia website to see if my situation at work violated any labor laws I stumbled across the state Unclaimed Funds page. After looking myself up I discovered that the state was holding a small check for me from a long ago settlement of a class action lawsuit against a merchant. It's only fifty bucks but I filled out the paperwork and sent it on it's way.

Decided to check the state of Louisiana's page next. To my astonishment listed on the page was a large sum, in the thousands, going to my late father and another not insignificant sum to him. After calling around and doing some digging at the Dept. of Revenue I discovered the large sum was an insurance payout from when my grandfather died, five years after my father, that should have gone to me.

The address of my father listed for it was the same address as my evil aunt who's been putting me through hell since the day my father passed trying to keep me from inheriting a penny. I've had to fight her in court a number of times now, right down to how to split the family lands when my grandfather died. She wanted to give me random unconnected pieces even if I was the only one in the family that owned land there still. I felt I should have my land in one piece attached to what I already owned.

She's failed at keeping me from inheriting my father's estate, failed at keeping my land divided up but succeeded in making my father's death just a little extra painful with her greedy attempt to inherit it all. When that insurance policy paid off after my grandfather's death she knew my address. Heck, her lawyer sent my lawyer a check for my part of that estate in a timely fashion. They had the address.

The fact that the money has sat there unclaimed for eight years now is an obvious 'fuck you' for my fighting her, standing up to her and refusing to give in to her demands that she was entitled to a penny of my father's estate.

Until my father died I had no idea that family could be your worst enemy. She's tried every low trick, right down to trying to suck up to my maw-in-law to get information on me. It got so bad I had to take out a restraining order and demand if she had anything she needed to get in touch with me about, such as the division of my grandfather's land, she had to go through my attorney.

I know I sound bitter but this woman has been harder to deal with than the devil himself.

The funny part of all of this is that they have to pay me interest on holding the money that long, and I am finished with my evil aunt for all time. Plus the other money turns out it was from my father putting down a deposit on an apartment just mere days before he died. Looks like he was about to leave my stepmother. Too bad he didn't pass after he'd divorced her and settled up because I had to deal with her upon his death too.

The lesson I learned through all of this is leave clear instructions in your will well before you pass over. Don't leave a pile of wills of different dates and some not registered with the courts. Don't leave a mess to add to your grieving family members burden. It's bad enough they had to pick a coffin and plan a funeral but having to fight a rapaciously greedy relative makes it much worse.


Persephone said...

If your evil aunt interfered with your mail, that can be a felony charge, but I know you're above that. I hope getting the insurance settlement is simple and gives you some financial security.

Calulu said...

Persephone, I'm not going to take it any further. Forcing her to go through my attorney is as far as the revenge I'll take, even though she put my grandfather's house up for sale without my knowledge and accepted a sales contract violating federal law. She's busy building up a huge pile of universal reciprocity all on her own. Thanks for your kind words.