Monday, April 14, 2014

DC Beltway Bingo

The last few weeks have been mostly mundane, which is why there's been no updates. Plus I've been thinking about a few changes/upgrades that need to happen for NLQ. One is putting up a recovery section, with articles on everything from explanations of different traumas and triggers, to helpful suggestions, to stories of how our readers healed from spiritual abuse. I started that one last week.

Today was the first of the new round of testing and vocal cord therapy at Johns Hopkins clinics in Baltimore. I finally do have a diagnosis on the vocal cords. Yes, I have Vocal Cord Movement Syndrome, which I'll be referring to as VCMS from now on. I'm working with a vocal coach to learn different breathing techniques to keep my cords open when an allergen triggers them shut and makes my asthma attack much worse.

The therapy went well. I learned a great deal and have a plan. I have to give notice to the clinic because the tests they ran for allergens a few months ago shows I react badly to molds. The facility is lousy with mold and different new things I'm allergic too, like horses, goats and the good Lord only knows what. Tomorrow I quit.

I cannot go back to working for the floral sales company even as they told me I could come back any time because I'm not supposed to talk that much because of the strain on the vocal cords and the havoc it plays with my oxygen levels and breathing.

Work options are so limited I think I might apply for disability. Basically what I've been told I can safely do for my asthma and VCMS as work is work online from home without constantly using the telephone. I've had a few contacts with content provision firms, home contractor firms for coding, link-checking, and various other things and I might do one of those. In the meantime I will be continuing on with NLQ.

Only really horrible part of the day this time is the drive. Johns Hopkins is a 2 hour and 15 minute drive in no traffic, but.... if there's traffic it's going to take at least a good 3 hours. Part of which is on the Washington DC outer Beltway and on I-95 up into Baltimore. ALL of those things on my Beltway Bingo picture I saw at least once, usually multiple times before I got home again. You must be ultra alert to all the snafus on the drive.

Compounding this is my spring/summer frustration driving in the Greater DC area, families coming to visit DC pulling travel trailers behind their cars. Okay, so I know they bring valuable tourist dollars into the area but they cause a giant nightmare on the commuting roads and there's virtually no place to park those behemoths in the Capital. The out of staters also don't realize that if they don't go at least 60 mph on the commuter roads they'll either get run over or be the target of many anger honks. People drive like idiots on the highways, interstates and beltways here.

Since the cherry trees are in full bloom and the festival is taking place it meant that traffic on the beltway was a zoo. But it wasn't any better when I got to near where I was going. I was sitting on the off-ramp in Baltimore, waiting to get on Eastern Ave. to go to the Bayview Campus of Johns Hopkins, sitting about three cars back from the light. There's this homeless veteran that hangs out and asks for money there and I usually give him a few bucks. Today I was too far back, but I noticed the guy in a white truck at the light handed him some cash and talked with the veteran a bit. The light turned green and the guy in the white truck was caught unawares, I nearly honked, had my hand on the steering wheel to honk because he was so slow, but he did finally mosey into the intersection a good 30 seconds after the light turned green.... and WHAMMO.... got t-boned by a lady in a sedan. Almost took out the homeless veteran.

Strangest case of karma I've seen considering the man in the truck who was hit had just given the homeless vet money. Anti-karma?

Lady has clearly run a red light, not a yellow, not even close to a yellow, gets out of her car and starts screeching at the guy who's truck she just ripped up badly. The rest of us behind him go around the wreck and park on the shoulder to wait for the cops. It was a cluster you-know-what and we all stayed to give statements to police to dispute what she was trying to say happened.

More excitement than I wanted today.

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