Friday, April 18, 2014

Starbucks, Spiritual Abuse and Miss Scarlett

My old pastor nicknamed me 'Miss Scarlett' some years back because our church used to have a huge outreach in the oldest part of our town and we ladies would dress in Civil War costumes. With my dark hair and velvet outfit I apparently reminded him of Vivien Leigh. Oh I wish I was that pretty!

But a couple of days ago I felt like I might have needed smelling salts and a Victorian fainting couch like the ladies of the Civil War south when I had yet another encounter with the most hateful gossipy old peahen from my old church.

I like Starbucks, but I might just have to start taking my business elsewhere, like the downtown hipster coffee shop if I keep on encountering a lady I mentally call Ms. B. Z. Body.

B.Z. has taken over Starbucks. She's there every single day her twenty four year old home schooled specially sheltered daughter works. Heaven forfend that poor little Mini B.Z. have some sort of unpleasant encounter with an atheist or something! I feel positively faintified at the idea!

So what did B.Z. do to earn my distaste. Simple. She was the secretary of my old church and her office was gossip central. She is the one that created the nasty church split, harassed my best friend away from the church, 'borrowed' thousands from another friend and never paid a dime, spread the rumors that I had denied Christ and rejected Christianity and those are just a few of her highlights. She is ground zero for the years of harassment I endured from my former brothers and sisters in Christ for daring to leave my old church.

Since I've been mostly home without working the last month or so I've developed the shameful habit of spending a relaxing hour or so every weekday afternoon in the warm pleather embrace in the sunny big window of my local Starbucks with coffee and my Kindle. I look forward to it, a mental vacation, time out from life.

So I knew B.Z.lurked there at times to watch over Mini B.Z. but.... I had no idea that it was B.Z.'s new office either. B.Z. is head of the local homeschooling organization and now she conducts all her meetings and crap at Starbucks, hogging the biggest table for her and her homeschooling momma pals. They sit there and discuss the official group business without buying a thing for hours upon hours. And yeah, there's a large amount of Evangelical gossiping going around that table too.

Part of me wants to dob them in to Starbucks corporate but the other part doesn't want to get Mini BZ in trouble. That poor kid has told me many times when her mother wasn't breathing down her neck how badly she wants to get away from mom and dad. I believe her considering they monitor everything she does except for her college classes. I'm not about to make waves for Mini BZs job.

But neither am I going to allow B.Z. herself to abuse me again. The times she has tried to talk to me in Starbucks I just look down my nose at her, don't reply and go back to whatever magical land I'm reading about in my Kindle. People who've abused you don't deserve any consideration from you at all.

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