Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Starbucks Weirdness

Why do male - female relationships have to be so fraught with drama or missed signals?

Today my husband Jim and I have been having a battle via email. Apparently it is the new modern way to fight? I've recently stood up to him and told him to stop nagging me or else. He's upset with me because of my ongoing medical condition and the fact that I don't do the things he wants me to do in a more timely fashion. After a day of increasingly hostile emails flying back and forth I think it's settling down.

I need to start doing things the first couple of times he indicates he's bugged by it. He needs to be more considerate and realize I'm moving at my own pace. We'll be able to work it out I think but it's just no fun when this crap is going on.

So I cruise on down to my local Starbucks for my afternoon coffee and reading party only to run into the elderly gentleman I talked to the day before. We started talking again, which isn't good because I can feel I have strained the vocal cords. And then it gets weird, way weird.

I get up to leave and he stands, picking up the large mother of pearl pendant hanging off my freshwater pearl necklace, toying with it and (I think) looking down my cleavage. Then he says "How would you like to be an old man's darling?"

Out of the blue!?!

I swear I haven't been flirting with this guy, just talking about different things. Between the emails I've been exchanging with my husband and this unexpected come on I burst into tears and ran out of there.

Throughout my entire marriage on the days when Jim and I disagree it seems to bring out the creeps and "I have always loved you." from male friends/coworkers or some very unwanted advances. It always creates tension and ruins what up til that point had been a good friend relationship. The only good I can see of it happening today is that at least it occurred two short days into talking with this guy. Now I'm going to have to avoid the local Starbucks. There go my afternoon relaxation periods...

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