Monday, April 07, 2014

Sunburns and Turd Polishing

Nope, no whining. I'm much better now. On Thursday after another doctors visit I grabbed the nasty bull by the slimy horns and wrestled it away by spending the afternoon doing something that always puts my emotions right, working in the garden. Plus the new meds for the allergies and asthma are helping a little bit. Being able to breath is awesome!

I went to the nursery to get flowering plants to replace everything that died during this severe winter that usually comes back. The winter was brutal that it even killed the ivy I had planted in the large round planters that flank the front door. I got things in every color imaginable.

The last four days I worked at planting those pretty flowering things and more spring vegetables. I've started digging out the grass to put in the base of a fire pit in the backyard and yesterday afternoon I perused organic seed catalogs, making plans to order seeds for Dragons Egg Cucumber and Amaranth seeds, in the sweet sweet sunshine.

Four days in the blessed sunshine and fresh air. But towards sundown last night I noticed I'd started to turn a cherry blossom pink, me that is Cajun, dark and never burns. Apparently one of my new meds causes sun sensitivity so I'm experiencing like the 4th sunburn I've had in my lifetime. You poor pale skinned folks!

Yesterday at church I asked a pal that works the same place I do what was happening up on the hill the facility sits upon. I haven't worked for nearly two weeks. His answer made me laugh, he said, "They're all busy polishing the turd."

The founders will be there tomorrow and apparently everyone there is engaged in trying to make it look like the place is good and functional instead of what it actually is, a giant turd. I know I'll not get called in this week with the founders and others from the west coast office being onsite. Shrugs, I have more gardening to do anyway, I guess I'll have to wear a hat, long sleeves and pants to do it now.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, pity us. :) I have been burned sooo many times, especially when I was young. Result? Skin cancer, and twice yearly skin exams. I know some medicines can make the skin more sensitive to sunlight. I have been burned, on the face, while wearing a hat, twice this week. (At baseball games) the latter burn happened WITH me wearing 30spf sunblock. So, I suspect a new drug added this year might make my skin more sensitive to sunlight. Polly is more like you....she turn very dark as summer goes on. I am quite jealous. :)