Thursday, May 01, 2014

Finding Your Fashion Voice Post-Fundamentalism

One of the troubles coming out of patriarchal fundy religion for me has be fashion or lack thereof.  For ages I dressed like this.

Hair in a bun, cotton jumper, loose t-shirt/shade shirt and tennis shoes/flats, no makeup. Kevin Swanson might say wearing a jumper is no sin but it's now a fashion crime in my eyes. Not that I keep up with fashion, but ugh! It triggers me every single time.

Figuring out your style, what you like, what is flattering to your figure and not so 'out there' that people stare, takes time and intention. It's taken me awhile to sort out my personal style and likes since leaving Jumper Town. I like feminine clothes and the old hippie look. I like unusual clothing that's made by ethically run cooperatives overseas. Today I'm wearing a beautiful tye-dyed tunic made in Nepal by ladies who get most of the money for their labors. But this recent photo of me shows what I'm actually starting to prefer again. Plus skirts and dresses have started to appear in my wardrobe after seven years of mostly pants. I like lace, embellishments, soft fabrics that are a joy to wear.

I love that blouse!

Playing with style aggregates at places like Mad Men Yourself is fun too~ Tho that dress looks too tight to be comfortable, I'd never wear fur or walk around with a cigarette dangling from my lips while holding a martini glass.

Seems like I'm always accumulating too many clothes in the process of finding my post-jumper style too. Between that and my dieting over the last 18 months and I have a huge range of sizes in my closet.... so here I am wasting time, delaying the obvious I must do today, clean out my closet.

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Esther said...

Can you share where you purchased the tunic from? It is beautiful! Would love to support the Nepal women.