Monday, June 23, 2014

Honesty Really is the Best Policy

I just ran into a former coworker here in my tiny town and she told me what went down at the national floral wire service we both used to work at. They got sued and lost to the tune of five million dollars if I'm reading the court documents right!

The whole thing just goes to show you that it really does pay to be upfront about things instead of sneaking around and mentioning the truth out of the side of your mouth like a sneaky used car salesman.

For the record I have to say I hate lying, particularly lying about what's behind the facade. That's one of the things that's always irked me about the Duggar family. They present the lifestyle they live as if it were easy, sweet and charming, instead of the hard work, control freaking, way it actually is.

The company I worked for was Blooms Today. I worked there close to three years and at first I liked my job. It was fun, there were always contests and special events, prizes for top sellers and it was friendly family type atmosphere. Plus the wages were great! But that all changed once they decided to push a product sort of like The Entertainment Book that they had branded called Blooms Rewards.

Sort of like the Duggars as they started out with their specials where not much was glossed over, it was plain to see what they followed and their belief system. But as Blooms Today pushed those of us that worked there to keep pitching their discount program with a script that was only borderline true and concealed the fact that the program wasn't really worth the price, so the Duggars also went increasingly disingenuous on their program. Going from talking about "blanket training" straight out of Michael Pearl's dangerous child rearing book "To Train Up A Child" to completely dropping any mention of child discipline. That is merely one example of their slide down a slippery slope to conceal the truth.

As time passed at Blooms Today they added other special 'programs' you could sign up for to protect your identity, credit score and an auto club membership along with a few others I'd forgotten. As the pressure to sell all of these programs besides the flowers some of the agents cracked and quit, a former supervisor of mine quit rather than practice what she believed to be deception. The rest of us sucked it up and tried to sell what some of us personally believed was a bad deal. But customers always pick up on insincerity and truthfully, towards the end of my time there my percentages were bad, really bad, at selling these add ons because I just couldn't sleep at nights and spout those scripts in a believable fashion. Management pressured me to quit instead of them having to fire me for not doing a good job pushing the whole Blooms Rewards. I did. I was having a hard time with my asthma then and didn't realize that being on the telephone for a ten hour stretch with vocal cord movement dysfunction was affecting my health badly.

But unlike Blooms Today the Duggars seem to get away with what started out as lies of omission and now seems to be showing the public that nice, fresh, sanitized, fake version of what living the Evangelical Patriarchal Quiverful life is really like. I don't get why the public cannot pick up on the insincerity and the cognitive dissonance that those of us who have escaped the same sort of cultesque groups pick up on.

Blooms Today didn't so much pay the price like the workers did. By the end of my time there I was officially disgusted with being pressured to lie to customers and I'm glad I got out when I did. My friends that stayed were the ones that paid the price for the law suit over the lies - most of the agents lost their jobs and now the company has a very small workforce and rewritten website. They still offer Blooms Rewards, but now the fine print is bolded. Not that Blooms Rewards doesn't benefit some consumers, those folks that travel, eat out or shop a lot, but for many people, like me, it's a huge waste of dough.

I wonder how long it will be before one of the kids escapes the Duggar family and writes that tell all book, the equivalent of the five million dollar lawsuit? Because you know it is the Duggar children paying the price of television fame and everything the parents have done to seek it. I used to think it would be Jinger, now I'm thinking it might be poor Jana, eldest daughter. I wonder.

Lying, even lies of omission, always comes back to bite you on the rear. I try not to lie because it's too hard to remember what you said so it's always easier to tell the truth.

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