Monday, July 28, 2014

A Quick One

We're on the road. But I've seen some wild things. Nothing too disturbing till this morning.

This morning in the lobby of our hotel a stones a throw from Ken Ham's Creation Museum I've been seeing oodles of kids and adults wearing Creation Museum t-shirts and hoodies.

I was also treated to the sight of a lady rushing around waiting on her pre teen sons and perfectly able-bodies husband. She filled his plate from the breakfast buffet, got his coffee, got his silverware and napkin, cooed and cossetted all three before getting her own breakfast.

What. The. Fuck?

It made me want to kidnap the woman and deprogram her. Nowhere in the Bible does it say you have to serve your husband like he is your sacred idol. Lazy ass entitled Good Christian (tm) Evangelical man.

Listening to this to wash away the Evangelical cooties...

Had a near fatal asthma attack yesterday afternoon here in the lobby of his hotel. The staff was trying to call for an ambulance because I was flailing around trying to unpack my nebulizer and epipen and refusing to go to the local hospital. It passed with lots of drugs but this was the worst one I've had in six years. Ugh. Indiana.


Hopewell said...

I live fairly nearby. Hope you got medical help.

Calulu said...

I generally will not go to a regular hospital unless I get very close to blacking out or if I scare the crap out of the people around me. By the time the ambo got there I was actually better. I scared the staff and my husband.

Have you been to the Creation Museum? I really wanted to go but could not force myself to give Ken Ham thirty bucks of my hard earned cash.