Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Face of Modern Evangelicals on Television?

Used to be that the only cultural representatives of Evangelical Christianity on secular television were the Duggar family. The carefully calculated and tweaked Duggars showing a pretty facade to the world while hiding all the hateful junk involving the whole Evangelical movement and ATI-related mythology. No more!

Last night I watched the mid-season premeire of my guilty pleasure, "Dance Moms". The last half of this season features someone that proudly crows many times during the episodes how 'Christian' she is, yet acts worst than any heathen or atheist I've ever known. She's behaving like most of the stereotypical Evangelicals in my life, so at least they are showing an Evangelical with typical Evangelical behaviors in the mainstream media.

Christy is her name. Not to be confused with original Dance Mom Christi. The other mothers have taken to calling Christy 'Christ-Tee' because of her behavior. Rude, loud mouthed, trouble-making, quick to insult others, quick to pray for the outcome of ridiculous things like her daughter's score in the dance competition and quick to spread gossip. Nice morals there while screeching out every few minutes about how "Christ-Chee-Yun" she is.

I'd just about stopped watching "Dance Moms" because what Abby Lee Miller says and does to the children on the show really is abusive.I started watching because I had danced for years as a kid and still love to dance. I really enjoy watching those kids dance and would have to say with a few exceptions coughcough**Melissa: Dance mom that homeschools her kids so they can practice dance eight hours a day**coughcough most of the mothers are pretty decent mothers, sometimes a bit overbearing but at least involved in their children's lives. I don't blame them for arguing with over grown toddler Abby Lee Miller. Abby makes the show nearly impossible to watch.  But now I have to see what happens with Christ-Tee.

Go on Christ-Tee! Make a lie out of everything Evangelical Christianity says it is about! Expose it for what it really is!

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